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Canada travel tips – These 10 tips could save your life in Canada

To ensure you have the best and safest stay possible when traveling in Canada, there are many things to remember. For example, it’s essential to know which areas to avoid, emergency numbers, and how to prepare for all weather conditions. Here are some travel tips when visiting Canada which could save your life.

Dress appropriately when visiting Canada is the first travel tips


Temperatures and climates vary across Canada, so it’s essential to do your research before traveling. For example, visiting Vancouver in winter will differ from winter in Winnipeg. Winter essentials like coats, boots, sweaters, etc. will save you from the cold Canadian winters.



Before traveling in Canada, you need to enter the country successfully. Many nationalities need an eTa (electronic travel authorization) visa to enter Canada. It is not expensive and must be purchased online before arriving.

Protect yourself from petty crime – Canada travel tips

Unfortunately, petty crime is rampant in most major cities around the world. Many thieves target tourist attractions and hotels, as they believe vacationers are an easy target. Helpful tips include leaving your passport in the hotel safe and carrying a photocopy. It’s also useful if you’re trying to keep your luggage out of sight in a car and don’t leave any valuables behind, even in a locked vehicle.

Prepare for weather conditions.


Canada is known for its extreme winter weather conditions, so it’s essential to watch its rapidly changing weather. The Weather Network is a good site for monitoring conditions. In winter, be prepared for road closures due to avalanches and blizzards. If driving in winter, make sure your rental car is equipped with anti-skid tires.

Travel insurance – Canada travel tips

No matter what country you are from, travel insurance is always a must. Most insurance companies have an additional policy that you can choose from if skiing and snowboarding are on the travel program. These fun yet adventurous winter activities are two significant reasons you should purchase travel insurance before visiting Canada.

Water safety


Canada has the longest coastline globally, so there are plenty of swimming places in the summer. It is also home to many freshwater lakes. But remember not to get into the water unless you are a confident swimmer. Pay attention to the strong currents of the ocean, and don’t head headlong into any of Canada’s rocky coastal cliffs. Adult supervision of young swimmers is also paramount.

Emergency number – Canada travel tips

It is always essential to know the phone number for emergencies in each country you visit. In Canada, it’s like the United States: 911. In non-emergencies, travelers can call 311 in some areas, such as Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Halifax, and Winnipeg.



It may not save your life, but it’s essential to know that tipping is expected in the hospitality, travel, and service industries. The standard amount is between 15–20%. At most places, they bring an Eftpos machine for you, where you can easily choose a tip or percentage when paying by card.

Learn a little French if you come to Quebec

Only in Quebec is French the official language. Although many people speak English, it can be helpful to know a few keywords and phrases in French, especially for conversing with locals outside of the hospitality and tourism industries.

Avoid bad areas – Canada travel tips

Most cities in the world certainly have unsafe areas or neighborhoods. In Vancouver, the Downtown Eastside is an area known for its homeless and drug problems. However, it is next to Gastown, one of the city’s best foodie neighborhoods. So avoiding it is hard, but visitors need to be aware of their surroundings. In Toronto, locals recommend staying away from Sherbourne and Parliament Street after dark..

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