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Top 6 Canada’s Oldest Cities And What They Are Famous For

Canada has approximately 162 cities, three of which have populations of over a million people. Our focus today, however, is not on the most populous cities in the country but rather on the oldest cities in Canada. Here are the six oldest cities in Canada, such as Winnipeg, Montreal, Quebec City, and more, and what they are known for.



Winnipeg, the capital city of Manitoba, has some really unique, cutting-edge architecture…but long before the Provencher Bridge (pictured above), there were the original lands of modern-day Winnipeg.

Archaeological findings show that native peoples occupied the land on which modern-day Winnipeg was built before European settlement. In fact, evidence of human life in this area dates back 11,500 years. 9It began to take shape as we know it today in 1733 when European settlers arrived.

This city is said to be North America’s geographical center. It was also thought to be the coldest place on the planet, with a record low of -54 degrees Fahrenheit in 1879 until Ulan Batar (Mongolia) surpassed it.

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What Is Winnipeg Known For?

Winnipeg is well-known for its diverse cultural and culinary scene, professional sports teams, and a plethora of festivals. Winnipeg is also known as the “Gateway to the West,” and it is well-known for its excellent transportation and railway systems, as well as its numerous annual festivals.



Longueuil (Long-ail) was founded in 1657 as a French village by Charles LeMoyne and is easier to pronounce than it appears.

It is located in the province of Quebec and is primarily a suburb with residential, commercial, and industrial components. When it was founded in the mid-17th century, it was part of the geographical area of New France, but it has since been merged with greater Quebec and its surrounding neighbors (Boucherville, LeMoyne, Brossard, etc.)

It is now considered a commuter town for many people who work in Montreal. The city has a population of 229,330 people.

This city had a structure called Fort Longueuil that was thought to have played a role in the American Revolutionary War. It was demolished in 1810 due to its poor condition, but its ruins have since been designated a National Historic Site of Canada.

What Is Longueuil Famous For?

Each year, this city hosts a number of notable cultural events. The Longueuil International Percussion Festival, which features 500 musicians and takes place over six days in July in the Old Longueuil neighborhood, attracts 200,000 visitors each year.

There has three nature parks: Parc Marie-Victorin and Parc Michel-Chartrand in Le Vieux-Longueuil, as well as Parc de la Cité in Saint-Hubert. It also has a wildlife reserve, the Boisé du Tremblay, which is located in both Le Vieux-Longueuil and Boucherville.

Montreal: A Famous City In Canada


Montreal, one of the most famous Canadian cities, is located in the province of Quebec and is one of the country’s major French-speaking cities. It is also Canada’s second-most populous city.

Originally known as Ville-Marie (or “City of Mary”) when it was founded in 1642, Montreal is now named after Mount Royal, a hill in the city’s heart. Native populations inhabited the land as long as 4,000 years ago, long before it was settled by the French. In 1603, the French explorer Samuel de Champlain discovered Montreal.

Montreal was granted city status in 1832 and is still a bustling metropolis today.

The original and world-famous Cirque de Soleil, a circus-style show with a track record of 180 million spectators across 450 cities and 60 countries, is based in Montreal.

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What Is Montreal Known For?

Montreal is known as Canada’s second-largest city and one of the country’s most important cultural centers. University, festivals, art and culture, history, and food are all popular in the city. Montreal is also known as French Canada’s capital.

Trois-Rivieres: Top 3 Oldest City In Canada


Trois-Rivieres is a picturesque town on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River in the province of Quebec. Its name translates to “three rivers,” referring to the river’s three mouths.

The city was founded in 1634, and the old town contains remnants of its early history. Tourists can take a stroll down the city’s oldest street, Rue des Ursulines, and marvel at the many buildings designated as cultural properties.

It has been described as “lively but quiet” and a great place to live and raise a family. Over 140,000 Canadians agree! This city was New France’s second permanent settlement after Quebec City, which was founded 26 years later in 1634.

What Is Trois-Rivieres Famous For?

Trois-Rivières is known as Canada’s oldest industrial city, having established its first foundry in 1738. For 150 years, the forge produced iron and cast, much of which was shipped to France to be used in French navy ships.

Trois-Rivières is also known as the Mauricie region’s major cultural center, with theaters, art galleries, a cultural center, a municipal library, a branch of the Archives nationales du Québec, and several museums.

Quebec City: The Second Oldest City In Canada


Quebec City is one of the most populous cities in Canada as well as one of the oldest. It also has a predominantly French-speaking population, with 94% of residents able to hold a conversation in the language.

Quebec City’s history begins in 1608 with Samuel de Champlain, the same founder of Montreal. It is the country’s first permanent (European) settlement, and it grew over 400 years to encompass 11 former municipalities and house 832,000 Canadians. It is also one of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations, with the Chateau Frontenac Hotel holding the Guinness World Record for the most photographed hotel in the world!

When American troops attempted to invade Quebec City in order to capture it from the British, the city almost became a U.S. colony. The siege was unsuccessful, and Quebec City remained under British control until 1867 when Canada became a country.

What Is Quebec City Known For?

Quebec city is well-known for its rich settlement history, French-speaking population, and thriving tourism industry. This province is distinguished from its Canadian neighbors by its European feel and preservation of French culture.

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St. John’s: Canada’s Oldest City


St. John’s, Canada’s oldest city, was founded in 1497.

The English settled in St. John’s five years after Christopher Columbus discovered America. On August 5, 1583, the city was claimed under Queen Elizabeth I’s Royal Charter, and it has since had a long history with a steadily growing population over the course of hundreds of years. It was officially incorporated as a city on May 1, 1988.

St. John’s today is, in a word, colorful, with houses painted in a variety of colors along the sea (as pictured above). Whale watching and iceberg tours are two of the city’s most popular tourist activities!

On George Street in St. John’s, there appear to be more pubs per square foot than anywhere else in Canada. It’s possible that this Canadian city will give Dublin, Ireland, a run for its money!

What Is St. John’s Famous For?

Initially, John’s was a commercial trading outpost for Europeans involved in the fishing industry. While the fishing industry remains important, the City is now known as the primary service center for the province’s offshore oil and gas industry. St. John’s is also known for its thriving arts and cultural scene.

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