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Why Is The Heart Lake a Canadian Fall Treasure?

Surely at least once, you have seen a picture of a heart-shaped lake surrounded by the vibrant colors of autumn in Canada. The star today is Heart Lake ( HL ), located in the heart lake conservation park Ontario, also known as the mysterious treasure of Canada in the fall. But this treasure is being protected by locals from tourists. What happened?

Where is the location?


This unique lake can be found in Brampton, Ontario, Canada’s northernmost region. The lake is located in the 418-acre Heart Lake Conservation Area, where students from the neighborhood primary schools plant trees yearly. In addition to offering boat rentals, there are many bike and running trails. HL Secondary School is one of the organizations that bears its name, as does the neighborhood directly surrounding it.

Why is Heart Lake at this time of year so breathtakingly beautiful?

HL is divided between two states. This lake is encircled by the vibrant green of the forest flora in the summer. However, its foliage changes to yellow, orange, and crimson in the fall. With these hues, HL is a social media sensation.


However, problems developed. Since there is no public access to this lake, which is on Crown Land, many visitors have been trespassing to gain a decent view.

Drones have begun to disturb the hitherto peaceful location because it is best to examine the lake’s outline from above.

Even the County of Frontenac’s social media pages on Facebook and Instagram made a public appeal to cease visiting in 2019.

“We get it, it’s gorgeous, but there is no public access. You’re trespassing on private property, and that’s not right,” the post stated. “Recently, photographers have been flocking to Ompah to obtain their own photos of this beautifully shaped lake.

This season, it’s best to confine yourself to enjoying images on your screen because there are no shortages of stunning views of it on Instagram.


Don’t forget Heart Lake Conservation Park

The City of Brampton in Ontario’s Etobicoke Creek watershed contains 169 hectares (418 acres) of land known as HL Conservation Area. The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority is in charge of its ownership and management.


HL, the headwaters of Spring Creek, a wetland complex, one of the biggest individual blocks of forest in the Etobicoke Creek watershed, and surficial geology of glacial till and river deposits are just a few examples of the HLCA’s rich environment.

The public can participate in a variety of HLCA-sponsored activities, including as hiking, fishing, swimming, treetop trekking, and more. Depending on the weather, the conservation area is accessible to the public from the end of April until Thanksgiving weekend.

Hiking Trails


There are five hiking paths totaling 11 km in length in the Heart Lake Conservation Park, Ontario. There are now Pokemon Go stops throughout TRCA parks.

  • Peel Trail (3.8 km)
  • Terry Fox Trail (3.2 km)
  • Rayner Trail (0.7 km)
  • HL Trail (2.8 km)
  • Connector Trail (0.6 km)

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  1. That is not Heart Lake Conservation area in Brampton! I live across the street from it – where are ALL the houses around the area in the photos??? That is a heart shape lake situated somewhere in Quebec! I forget where, but I have seen this posted over the years. Definitely NOT Brampton as there are a couple hundred houses from the area missing in the immediate area of the photos!


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