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Things New Zealand Has Done First In The World

New Zealand was the first nation where women had the right to vote. This list of things New Zealand has done first in the world will show you more. Can’t wait to know their other first? Let’s jump into the text now.

Women’s First Vote – Things New Zealand Done First


On the 19 of September 1893, Lord Glasgow inscribed the latest electoral Act into law. As a result, New Zealand evolved into the foremost self-governing nation in the world where women had the freedom to vote in the parliamentary referendums.

This action is truly a remarkable stone for women’s rights around the globe. New Zealand did it before the UK and USA for about 25 years.

First To Climb Everest Mountain


Sir Edmund Hillary is an explorer and a mountaineer who comes from New Zealand. 

In 1952, the Joint Himalayan Committee organization invited Hillary and his friend, Lowe, to join the team. Its purpose was to reach the highest point of the world – Everest Mountain.

After facing bad weather and other harsh obstacles on the journey, he eventually reached the peak point in the earth. To be more specific, it was 11:30 a.m. when he set foot at the height of 8,848 meters.

He was the first New Zealander and the first person to achieve the summit of Everest Mountain. You can see his face on the $5 note of New Zealand now. 

Bungy Jump – Things New Zealand Done First


Henry van Asch and AJ Hackett once did some practical jumps with bungee ropes. As a whole, they then put up their first commercial Bungy jump on the Kawarau Bridge, close to Queenstown. 

First Nation To Have Three Women In Power Together

This is the very first country to have three women responsible for the government’s top duty. To be more specific, it is the Chief Justice, the Governor-General, and the Prime Minister.

Sian Elias stays in her position as the Chief Justice and serves as the 12th person in charge. 

At the same time, from 2001 to 2006, Helen Clark was the country’s Prime Minister and Siliva Cartwright was the Governor-General.

First To Step On Antarctica


In 1985,  the Antarctic whaling ship embarked on its journey in the suburbs of Cape Adare, north of Victoria Land.

He was just 17 years old at that time. They set foot on the ground and were amongst the foremost crew to walk in Antarctica. And since they set foot together, almost at the same time, all of them generally receive the credit.

First Jet Boat – Things New Zealand Done First


In 1954, William Hamilton who worked as an engineer invented the first waterjet on earth. 

However, he never contended to have created the jet boat. According to him, the original idea went to Archimedes. And it was the right person for the public to praise. He just distilled the structure enough to make the first functional current jet boat.

The idea eventually came into a business in 1964. The beginning place was on the Shotover River close to Queenstown. 

First Transgender MP


Georgina Beyer is a politician and a former member of the Labor Party. In 1999, She won the Wairarapa poll for Labour with about 3033 votes.

In the same year, early on 10 December, she decided to take action to become a transgender. She was then the first transgender component of parliament in the world.

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