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A Complete Guide On Traveling Between Hawaii Islands

This is a text to show you a complete guide on traveling between Hawaii Islands. Don’t let it slide if you have a plan to visit this tropical paradise. 

Main Islands In Hawaii – Traveling Between Hawaii Islands


Hawaii consists of 137 islands across the North Pacific Ocean. However, only seven of them have people living and you can only visit six islands in total.

For instance, they are the island of Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Lanai, and Molokai.

The other name of Hawaii island is the Big Island to differentiate it from the whole state. The three central islands, such as Hawaii, Maui, and Oahu have plenty to visit and people can enjoy the best experience.

Travel Between Hawaii Islands


Transiting between Hawaii’s islands is extremely manageable. 

Many airlines offer fast flights between the islands on a daily basis. No matter where your last place in Hawaii is, all guests to the islands will begin and complete their trip on Oahu. 

Oahu is home to Honolulu International Airport. Hawaii’s primary commercial airfield serves sites worldwide. Internal flights from other regions within the USA also land here as well. 

The Best Transportation – Traveling Between Hawaii Islands 


So far, the most reasonable way to commute between Hawaii’s islands is by plane. 

In most cases, it will be the only form of travel. There are airlines that run everyday flights between Hawaii’s main islands. For example, Southwest Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and Mokulele Airlines. Each of them offers more than a hundred flights on a daily basis. It takes around an hour to go across Kauai, Maui, and Oahu. 

There is plenty of airport on each island. It means that you have various choices to make when it comes to booking an airline ticket. 

Needed Time To Travel


Traveling by plane is very quick. 

If you’re beginning from Honolulu, you can reach any other islands in about an hour. Kauai is the closest island to get to from Honolulu, at just around 20 minutes. Molokai and Maui need more time, approximately a thirty-minute flight. And going to the Big Island will spend 40 minutes. 

Ferries – Traveling Between Hawaii Islands


Sadly to say that there is almost no ferry service between the islands in Hawaii. This is because of some reasons. Firstly, the waters between the islands are far too jerky for a boat form to work. Secondly, environmental considerations mean that any projects for a ferry favor have always met rapid resistance from Hawaiian.

Plane Costs


There are complaints that the cost of flights is quite pricey. However, considering its function – taking you to your destinations in the nick of time, it’s still reasonable.

If you book the ticket in advance and directly with the airlines, you can usually find one-way flights between islands for as low a cost as $30 a person. So, in total, it only costs you approximately $70 for a two-way ticket.

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