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7 World’s Favorite Films Set In Australia

Did you know that the famous cartoon “Finding Nemo” was filmed in Australia? There are more of it, we assure you. Let’s check the 10 world’s favorite films set in Australia to find your loved one!



The film truly lives up to its name since the settings are mainly stunning places with humid tropics such as Kununurra, Bowen, and Darwin.

Starring Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman, the movie surprisingly received mixed reviews as an overblown blockbuster. The budget for this film even about 200 times bigger than The Castle.

However, we cannot deny the fact that it’s the movie that helps attract more people to come to Australia to know more and discover the film set in real life.

Finding Nemo – Films Set In Australia


Though 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney is not a real address, it’s still the best iconic destination in the history of Hollywood. 

In the children’s memory, this is the place where clownfish Marlin, accompanied by his sidekick – Dory, is on the journey to save his son Nemo. They have to go a long and unpredictable way from the Great Barrier Reef in equatorial North Queensland.

The 2003 animated movie, in fact, gained a billion dollars. But you can’t set a specific price for the vulnerability of the film brands for Australia.

The Matrix


The fictional sci-fi trilogy is about the human future which loses to artificial intelligence. Due to the city’s modern and stylish accommodations, the makers of the film chose Sydney as a setting for the ultra-technological community. 

You can easily recognize hubs of Harbour City all the way via Neo’s investigation to conquer the machines. Some specific places around Martin Place in the metropolis center are the background such as Galston, Bundeena, Kenthurst, Cowan, etc.

Ned Kelly – Films Set In Australia


This Ned Kelly movie is Australia’s response to Robin Hood. This movie shot was in 2003 in a rural region of Victoria. Heath Ledger was playing the main character of the movie. 

Ned Kelly was an outlaw, bushranger, and gang leader in Australia in the 1800s. The storyline is about his hanging when he was 25 years old. 

In the country, until now, opinions about the history of this man is conflict. Some say that he is a folk hero, and some suppose he deserves the penalty since he was the cause of a police death.

Red Dog


You are truly a person with a heart of stone if you can stay calm when watching this movie. 

This 2011 touching flick follows Red Dog’s offer to search for his owner. The dog roams the stunning ochre-red sites of Western Australia’s Pilbara area, touching the distant neighborhoods he sees along the way. Don’t want to spoil it but, yeah, you should prepare tissues.

The Adventures Of Priscilla – Films Set In Australia


This 1994 film hit Hogan’s Aussie bloke stereotype into multiple gripped pieces.

The main storyline is about the expedition of two drag queens and a trans woman from Sydney to Alice Springs in their Priscilla tour bus. The purpose of the trip is to perform a concert show in the Red Centre. 

The Castle


This movie is the best to describe ‘genuine Australia’. People who voted for its nickname sincerely agree with the statement.

The story is about the Kerrigan family, including David and Goliath, trying their best to keep their ‘castle’  from required assets by the airport next door. This 1997 movie draw the attention and favor of Aussie because it was full of funny quotes and trots in just 10 mins of talk.

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