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Things Ireland Is Most Famous For

There are signatures that can represent the whole country. It means that when you mention something, people can immediately think about the nation that the thing is best known for. In case you’re interested, we have a shortlist of things Ireland is most famous for. Let’s check it out now!



Merely setting foot in Ireland, you will find that you are surrounded by royal castles. As far as we know, this country has about 30,000 castles and all of them are worth exploring.

The most well-known among them is Bunratty Castle. It’s not just a normal medieval castle but plays the role of an impregnable fortress as well. Due to its historical meaning, it is well-preserved and become one of the ancient buildings that have remained unchanged as much as possible for now.

If you’re into history, you should never miss the chance to visit the castles – things Ireland is most famous for. All the decorations and accommodations will make you feel as if you’re back in time.

And if you have nothing but time, you can try booking an overnight at Irish castles – where they offer the service. It would be a nice experience to be treated like a Lady or Lord for a while.

Things Ireland Is Most Famous For – Emerald Isle


You might have heard about the Ireland nickname – the Emerald Isle. There is for sure a reason behind it.

Mother nature has gifted Ireland with natural wonders. The whole country is colored green with rolling hills and gorgeous grassland. This obviously an ideal place for those who cannot stand the heat of tropical countries.

However, you must note down things that shouldn’t do in Ireland to avoid unexpected situations. You didn’t want to ruin the trip you have planned for long, right? So, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.



It’s undoubtedly that people want to visit Dublin for their first time in Ireland. Being the country’s capital, Dublin has it all.

You can spend your whole day in first-class hotels with generous service and modern accommodation. If you are a big fan of history, you can explore well-known historic sites. With both modern and ancient architecture over the city, Dublin is a true treasure trove which can cater to all visitors’ yearning.

Even so, the Irish do know and cherish the natural wonders so they always do their best to protect the original beauty. Located alongside the Irish Sea and surrounded by hills and forests, Dublin and Ireland still live up to the name “Emerald Isle” no matter how modernized it will be. 

Guinness – Things Ireland Is Most Famous For


A fan of alcoholic beverages should never miss out on this famous brand of beer. Guinness beer is way too iconic that can be recognized over the world. 

Starting from just a small business, Guinness has become a prestigious beer brand and impresses the world with its quality. The brand has now expanded to nearly 50 countries worldwide. 

It’s will be a surprise if you know that the beer consists of merely four ingredients which are water, hops, yeast, and malted barley.

It’s not important if you can drink alcohol or not, you should try this savory drink as soon as you visit Ireland.

Irish Traditional Food


It would be a mistake not to mention traditional cuisines in Ireland. 

Irish food is known to be a recipe of good quality home-grown vegetables and your mom’s cooking homemade. A true cure for a tired soul and a hungry belly, isn’t it?

Since there are so many scrumptious foods, Ireland isn’t an ideal place for those who are on a diet. A meal in this country provides such calories you need to do over-exercise to digest. It normally contains beef, potatoes pancakes, fish n’ chips, etc.

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