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Top Fascinating Facts About Girl With A Pearl Earring

Painted by Dutch Baroque period painter Johannes Vermeer, ‘The Girl with the Pearl Earring’ has attracted much attention over the centuries. Despite her confusingly simple composition, Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring has captured the imaginations of art lovers the world over.

The picture has a lot of fascinating facts attached to it. Scroll down to find out.

Girl With A Pearl Earring is the most famous painting by Johannes Vermeer.


“Girl with a Pearl Earring” was painted by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, who lived in the 17th century (1632-1675).

This is the Dutch Baroque Period and Vermeer specializes in ordinary family scenes and indoor settings of middle-class life in that period. He is also known to be a master of the use of light in his paintings.

He was not particularly wealthy, as evidenced by the fact that he left behind a debt to his wife and children upon his death, and also did not create a large number of paintings, mainly because he was relatively slow to paint.

Despite all that, he was respected by his peers and became a provincial painter, and would eventually become one of the most famous Dutch painters in the world.

Girl With A Pearl Earring is not considered a portrait


The painting, known as “Tronie”, is a 17th-century Dutch depiction of a face or head. Tronie is characterized by an exaggerated facial expression or other features.

In the case of Girl With a Pearl Earring, this would be the unique earrings and turban the Girl is wearing.

Who is the girl in the picture?

Some have suggested that the Girl in the painting is Vermeer’s stepdaughter, Maria Vermeer, the eldest of his ten children.

This suggestion was made because she resembles the Girl in some of his other paintings such as “The Art of Painting” and “The Young Woman With a Pearl Necklace. “

Speculation about her identity has led to novel, film, and stage productions.


All titled Girl with a Pearl Earring, these works began with American novelist Tracy Chevalier, whose 1999 historical novel revolved around the love story between Vermeer and a young girl. The maidservant becomes a muse. In 2004, Chevalier’s book was adapted into a popular feature film starring Scarlett Johansson and Colin Firth. Then in 2008, a theatrical film adaptation was produced in London.

Girl with a Pearl Earring is not its only name.

The painting has been called The Girl in the Turban, The Girl’s Head in the Turban, The Young Girl in the Turban, and the Young Girl’s Head.

The Girl with pearl Earring is often called “the Mona Lisa of the North”. This is partly due to the Girl’s curious expression and the mystery surrounding the work itself.

Its black background was once a glossy blue.


Modern restorations of the painting have found trace amounts of birthmarks and welds, an enamel mixture that can make dark undercoats sparkle. Over the centuries, the pigments in the enamel broke down, changing the color of the painting.

This priceless painting sold for next to nothing.

More than two hundred years have passed since the painting was created and sold at auction in 1881. Here, Dutch Army officer and art collector Arnoldus Andries des Tombe purchased Girl with a Pearl Earring for only 30 premium coins for two buyers. After des Tombe’s death in 1902, the work was bequeathed to The Hague’s Mauritshuis art museum, where it can still be seen today.

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