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The Story Behind An Impressive 150-Foot Wall Painting In Hawaii

If you plan to visit Hawaii, you should never miss this mesmerizing mural. So, here is the story behind an impressive 150-foot wall painting in Hawaii.

Where To See The Mural? – 150-Foot Wall Painting In Hawaii


This gigantic mural is on South King Street on Oahu island. To be more specific, it is on the wall of a building on the corner of Pensacola and South King street. 

Most residents will pass by the wall painting on their way to work. So, just ask them about the impressive mural, and they will show you the way.

What Is The Wall Painting About?


The height of this mural is about 10 floors of the building it is painted on. It depicts Carissa Moore and Duke Kahanamoku. The locals obviously know these two people quite well. However, since we all are outsiders, here are some basic information about these two that you need to know.

Carissa Moore is the very first Hawaiian surfer to succeed in a gold medal in surfing at the Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2020. And the man beside her is Duke Kahanamoku. He is a Hawaiian contest swimmer who made surfing popular. 

The Talented Man Behind The Mural – 150-Foot Wall Painting In Hawaii


It’s artist Kamea Hadar who is the author of this impressive wall painting. And it would be remiss not to mention his skillful and talented crew.

According to Hadar, the scale of the mural is quite challenging, obviously, yet it is still fun. He supposed that people might not care about art and could easily pass by a canvas piece. But when it comes to a big-scale painting such as mural, it could possibly catch their eyes. 

With wall paintings like this fascinating piece, Hadar had to ensure that everything was totally lined up before the color touched the wall. From drawing a draft on paper, applying for a construction permit, to choosing like-minded people, he had to do it carefully.

Another equally important issue is showing respect to the mural’s characters. He had to ensure to have the prior approval of those he will depict before proceeding with the piece. This is an obvious show of respect for the artist. They do this so that the person being drawn doesn’t feel taken advantage of. And with great idea and sincerity, Hadar got the consent of Carissa Moore. The folks speaking for the Duke’s likeness agreed to the work as well. 

Mural artists like Kamea Hadar are creating the central city of Oahu more unique.

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