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The Best Places To See Dutch Tulips For Free

Tourists arrive in the Netherlands to appreciate Dutch tulips in full bloom. You can come to tourist attractions to enjoy the iconic flowers. However, it might cost you an arm and a leg to enter the entry. So, here are the best places to see Dutch tulips for free you must know.



In fact, the tulips field here is not quite famous. But if you come from France or Belgium, it’s an ideal destination for you. It’s because it takes you only a few hours of driving to reach there.

The slogan of this field will make you laugh. It states that “Forget the Keukenhof. The most beautiful tulip fields in The Netherlands are in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen”. 

The most expansive and stunning tulip fields are near Hulst. For the best routes to reach there, you can contact Hulst’s tourist information office. However, we find there is no need to have an official tulip route. Just driving around this breathtaking region is worth enough for your visit.

Beemster – Places To See Dutch Tulips


There is also a field of tulips worth exploring in the North of the Netherlands.

The tulip fields here are less famous, but the Beemster polder is especially notable for its views, dikes, and winding roads.

If the tulip tour is not enough, you can take a look at some other tourist attractions nearby. This area has reputable windmills in Schermerhorn and Zaanse Schans. This will be a thrilling alternative for tourists from abroad. You can visit the tulips and windmills of the Netherlands in just one day.



West-Friesland is in the western region of the Netherlands. West-Friesland is bordering the tulip fields in Noord-Holland. As a result, you can visit these tulip areas in just one day.

This region is also more peaceful than others. The lovely cities of Medemblik and Hoorn are a plus that makes this place more attractive. 

Noord-Holland – Places To See Dutch Tulips


People say that the North part of Noord-Holland is the biggest bordering spot regarding tulip fields. However, as it is situated in a fairly remote part, it’s quite hard to get there. The bright side is that it will be less cramped than in the more well-known areas.

It has typical lovely Dutch countryside characteristics such as windmills and lots of water.



You will find the vast space full of tulips in the north of Flevoland.

Also, Flevoland is extremely less overcrowded than Bollenstreek. Therefore, you can escape the packs and enjoy the stunning views of these vivid flower fields.

Flevoland offers tulip tours by bicycle and car. You can search for more information beforehand so your visit experience can be better.

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