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Three Canadian Loggers Save A Mother Moose

A touching scene occurs as three Canadian loggers use their chainsaws to carve a path through the ice to save a mother moose from a frozen river.

A bunch of brave Canadian loggers who were acting out of kindness was able to save a mother moose that had become stuck in an icy lake. Coworker Darren Whalley radioed for assistance after he saw the animal stuck in Lake Windigoostigwan in Ontario province, Canada. The rescuers were Byron Holbik, Mark Wellington, and Jordan Hay.

Canadian loggers rescue standed moose from fozren lake.

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It would be a race against time to remove the large animal because the mother moose had been in the water for several hours. However, in a touching video, the gang is seen laboriously chopping off the ice with a chainsaw and then smashing bricks to make way for the shivering animal to escape.

A bridge at the top of the lake, far from the nearest settlement, is where Holbik claimed to have seen the same moose with a calf earlier in the day on February 7. The moose couldn’t touch the bottom because the water was around 12 feet deep, according to him, and it would soon have drowned.

Darren had a rough strategy and was already on the scene, according to Holbik. He reasoned that we could carve a path through the ice and then use the poles to lead her out.

“After hours of treading water, she was fatigued. She entered the water, which was about 12 feet deep.”

They began carving a channel for the moose but quickly realized that even closer to the beach, the water wasn’t getting any shallower.

The ice was shallower closer to the river’s mouth, which this lake empties into, so I stepped onto the weaker ice to check.

So, to get to shallower water, we created a path that was about 20 feet long.

Then we started guiding her by clearing ice with the poles.

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The moose eventually touched the bottom and began to move through the water toward the ice border. She may be seen standing before flopping onto the ice in the video, according to Holbik. Then, for “approximately five to seven minutes,” the animal was able to regain her breath.

When she finally stood back up and started to move, Holbik claimed he moved cautiously in her direction to prevent her from reentering the deeper water. The moose eventually wandered off in the direction of woodland after the group called at her repeatedly, preventing further accidents. “We felt obligated to assist her in leaving. I had no doubts about assisting her in leaving.”

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