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The Special Meaning Of The Flower Necklace Hawaii

Let’s find out the special meaning of the flower necklace Hawaii with us. And for your information, another name for this traditional necklace is the Hawaiian lei.

What Is The Hawaiian Lei Flower?


Hawaiian leis are colorful garlands or wreaths. They often feature fresh tropical flowers. However, on a wider understanding, it can be a string of items strung together.

Hawaiian give a lei to somebody who is leaving or arriving. Thus, it is a greeting or goodbye present. One way or another, this traditional Hawaiian lei is a way of saying “aloha”.

Not just flowers alone, leis may have other items on them. For example, nuts, shells, feathers, vines, leaves, seeds, etc. For some special versions, a lei even has animal teeth and bones.

Local ancient Hawaiians used leis as a piece of jewelry to beautify their appearance. And more meaningful, leis represent Polynesian and Hawaiian cultures. They are also a symbol of affection and hospitality between two people.

The most typical Hawaiian leis feature jasmine blossoms, orchids, Kika blossoms, ginger blossoms, or carnations.

Traditional Hawaiian leis measure about 46 centimeters (18 inches).

The Hawaiian language makes no difference between plural and singular. As a result, the use of the word “leis” is an anglicized form of the initial expression “lei.”

Using Hawaiian Lei For Special Events


Hawaiians use leis at weddings. Generally, Hawaiian brides wear white leis. But they can add a few vibrant flowers if they want to.

They use leis on graduation days as well. When leaving school or university, students will receive a graduation lei during the ceremony.

The most favored leis flowers that appear at graduation are green, white, and purple orchids. And other common ones are yellow, rose leis, and pink carnation leis.

Kinds Of Flower Necklace Hawaii


There are numerous kinds of lei such as double leis, candy leis, penny leis, money leis, etc.

These gorgeous floral adornments, besides the ukulele, are a perpetual sign of Hawaii. You can easily see them on numerous occasions.

How To Give And Receive A Hawaiian Lei Flower


As mentioned above, the traditional Hawaiian lei is a gift that shows a greeting or seeing off someone. Hawaiians place the leis around your neck and then give you a kiss on your cheek.

Or else, they will bow slightly, hold the lei above their heart, greet the recipient and place it around his or her neck.

The receiver has to bow his or her head down so that the giver can place the flower wreath around the neck.

How To Wear It?


The special thing about the lei is that it can be worn by anyone at any time under any circumstance. 

The perfect lei’s position is on your shoulders. Half of it hanging on the back and the other half on the front. This rule applies to closed lei.

For an open lei, it should be on the center of the back of the neck, with both ends hanging down on the front.

How To Get Rid Of It?


It’s disrespectful to throw away the traditional Hawaiian lei in the trash. 

You can take out the flowers from the string and spray them in the sea. Or you can burn or bury them. More simply, just hang them on your window or door to dry them out. The meaning of these actions is to return the lei to the Earth.

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