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Ember Koala, Worst-Ever Bushfire Survivor, Shows Off Her Joey In The Wild

The mother and her young joey have been observed in the wild alongside a koala that was discovered barely holding on to life during Australia’s worst bushfire season.

The new mother, Ember, was re-released into the NSW wilderness in April 2020, and the person who first saved her was later seen with her bundle of joy. Roslyn Irwin, a former leader of Friends of the Koala. In the burned grounds of Whiporie in northern New South Wales, Ember was discovered in November 2019.

The little koala, who was just 18 months old, had major burns to her rump and all four paws in addition to smoke inhalation. She was given glucose water, fresh leaves, and quick pain medication when she was discovered before being sent to Currumbin Wildlife Hospital in Queensland for urgent care.


Vets did not believe Ember koala would survive the bushfire because of her injuries, which were so severe.

Ember was quickly relocated to Friends of the Koala (FOK), where she fully recovered with the aid of a veterinarian team supported by the International Fund for Animal Welfare as her health improved.

Do you know Koalas Will Formally Be Listed As Endangered Across Australia

She was placed in a soft-release location at FOK, where veterinarians kept an eye on her capacity to climb and feed. In April 2020, she passed and was returned to the wild.

FOK and IFAW members are overjoyed to watch Ember prosper.

According to Marley Christian, an IFAW-sponsored vet nurse, “so many koalas were lost in the 2019–20 Black Summer bushfires, and we honestly believed Ember would be another fatality.”

It is encouraging to see her prospering in the wild and adding to the number of wild animals.

According to Josey Sharrad, an IFAW wildlife campaigner, Ember’s tale gives reason for optimism. The NSW koala species will recover from its extinction threat by 2050.


‘This is a true success story,’ you say. Ember’s health was up and down for a long, so it is very amazing to see her flourishing in the wild with a joey of her own today. It emphasizes the significance of our collaboration with Friends of the Koala. Our shared conviction that every single koala saved and restored contributes to the survival of the species, she said.

Three billion native creatures, including mammals, koala, birds, reptiles, and frogs, perished in the summer bushfire of 2019 and 2020. According to an interim assessment published in July of last year. Over 60,000 koalas suffered a setback in Australia’s worst bushfire season.

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