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The Seasons In Australia And Things You Need To Know

If you are planning for a trip to Australia, you have to prepare things to avoid unexpected situations. So, here we are the post “the seasons in Australia and things you need to know”. 

The Basic Facts – Seasons In Australia


To put it in plain words, each season in Australia has 3 months. Each one starts on the first day of the month. 

To be more precise, spring will start from September to November, summer is from December to the end of February, autumn from March to May, and winter from June to August.

In comparison with the season in the Northern hemisphere, it is necessary to remember the very first day of the month, in contrast with the 2oth or 21st. By keeping this in mind, you can travel the world with almost little to no hiccups, weather-wise.

In conclusion, in Australia, each season consists of 3 full months. It doesn’t begin on the 20th or 21st day of the first month and ends on the 20th or 21st of the fourth month as you may think.

Climate Difference Throughout Australia


When coming to Australia, it’s essential to know that this country has 4 official seasons.

Nevertheless, because of the extensive geographical size, this nation has a broad amount of weather variations.

For example, the west and southeast sides have a comfy climate that never truly rises to incredible extremes. Meanwhile, the regions of the north of Australia are extremely tropical.

The Northern regions tend to have 2 climate-based and well-defined seasons. The first one is the wet season, from around November to April, and the second one is the dry season, from April to November. In the dry season, temperatures still remain tropical. 

It’s also crucial to know that, during the wet season, temperatures in warmer areas of Northern Australia can rise from 30 to 50 Celcius degrees. In particular, during the dry season, the atmosphere in the outback of this country can dip to roughly 20 degrees Celcius.

Which Season Have The Most Rain? – Seasons In Australia


Autumn is definitely the season to have the most rainfall in Australia.

As we mentioned before, autumn starts on the 1st of March and continues throughout the commodity of April and May. Waterfall in Sydney falls on 12 days of the month on average. It happens in the entire autumn.

During the remained time of the year, rainfall is rather minimal and only pours down about 8 days in a month. 

For inner-city travels, remember to pack an umbrella to cope with strong winds. For light downpours, visitors you should prepare a jacket or a coat to be more comfortable.

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