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9 Free Things You Can Get From The Canadian Government

Here are 9 free things you can get from the Canadian government. Sounds interesting, right? So, don’t hesitate anymore, read our post to know what these things are!

A Canadian Flag Sticker

The flag sticker is available in the Department of Canadian Heritage. You can freely pick some to decorate your laptop, tablets, or in your journal notebook.

A Poster Of The Canadian Flag – Free Things From The Canadian Government


If you log in to the Department of Canadian Heritage, you can find a lot of patriotic goods. This is a true classic, right? And of course, they offer these items for free.

On this website, you can order items from two separate categories. The first one is a Canada flag poster in English. The second is still the poster but in French. 

A Temporary Canadian Flag Tattoo

Again, this tattoo is on the Canadian Heritage site as well. 

This item is ideal for a Canada-centric sports occasion or a Canada Day festival. Also, since it is a kind of made-by-government tattoo, it sounds cool, right?

A Poster Of The Canadian Coat Of Arms – Free Things From The Canadian Government


Have you ever noticed that the coat of arms of Canada has a unicorn and a lion on it? You will notice when you have this poster.

Again, on the Canadian Heritage site, you can order a 41 x 51 cm poster of the Coat of Arms of Canada. You can choose either French or English comes first. 

We think it will be perfect for a random wall in your own bedroom or guest room.

A Flag That Was Flown On The Peace Tower

Filling out the government form and you will have a flag that is on the Canadian parliament.

The size of the flag that was flown in the country’s capital is 2.3 x 4.6. It needs a flag pole of 13.7 meters tall at least.

But sad to say, you have to wait about 100 years to receive this item. We are so sorry. 

A Handheld Paper Canada Flag – Free Things From The Canadian Government


The government provides a paper Canada flag so that you can do flag-waving when cheering on festivals or random Canada Day.

All you have to do is create an account with the Department of Canadian Heritage and then ask for their wave-able paper flags. It’s all free.

A Copy Of The Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

If you are a big fan of Canadian society, law, and history, this item is great for you. 

On the Heritage website, you can request either a certificate of 28 x 34cm or a poster, of 46 x 60cm size of the rights and freedoms that the locals are now entitled to.

A Picture Of The Queen – Free Things From The Canadian Government


For your information, Queen Elizabeth II is not only the Queen of Britain, but she’s also the Queen of Canada. If you are a visitor, you can see her face the $20.

As a result, you can have a 14 x 17-inch portrait image of Her Majesty at no cost at all. However, if you want it to be shipped, you have to pay the shipping fee.

A Flattering Message From The Prime Minister

To make your anniversary or birthday more special, you can literally ask for an amazing message from the prime minister. Just submit your request to the Prime Minister’s Office and you will receive the message.

However, not every occasion will be approved. The government has rules about this offer. 

They have listed qualifying events that can receive the message. For instance, 25-year anniversaries, 65th birthdays, and 100th birthdays. Also, every five-year interval after these occasions is approvable as well.

All you have to do is write down your information in a form and send it to the Prime Minister’s Office. 

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