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Stand Up Paddle Board In NZ: Top 7 Greatest Places To Do This

The best way to explore and enjoy a lot of beautiful landscapes in New Zealand (NZ) is stand-up paddleboarding on the water. Here are the best places to stand-up paddle board in NZ, such as Rotorua, Waiheke Island near Auckland, and Whangamata.

Why Should You Try Standing Up Paddle Board In NZ?

Surfing gave birth to the water sport known as standup paddleboarding (SUP), which has its modern roots in Hawaii. Stand-up paddleboarders use a paddle to move through the water while standing on boards that are floating in it. The sport was described in a 2013 study that found it to be the outdoor activity in the US with the highest number of first-timers that year. Paddling on flat water, racing, surfing, whitewater SUP, yoga, and fishing are some variations.

In addition to other activities, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is another opportunity to see New Zealand’s natural beauty. There are lots of amazing places to get on a SUP board and start exploring, with more than 15,000km (9,320 miles) of coastline and hundreds of lakes.

In addition to providing access to some stunning coastlines and lakes, SUP is a popular sport in New Zealand for racing, yoga, and even fitness. Take part in Kiwi culture by taking up stand-up paddleboarding! In New Zealand, SUP trips typically include an initial session that will get you up on the board quickly.

Top 7 Greatest Places To Stand Up Paddle Board In NZ



In the small Coromandel village of Whangamata, all the activity takes place on the water. The highlight of Whangamata is Donut Island/Whenuakura, despite the fact that there is much to discover along its 6-kilometer (4-mile) shoreline. Enter a ring-shaped island by paddling under an archway. The island has tall cliffs that are covered with forest. The island’s magnificence is enhanced by the abundance of Maori legend.

Rotorua: The Best Places To Stand Up Paddle Board In NZ


Lakes abound in and around the Rotorua region. The two best spots for stand-up paddleboarding are Lake Rotorua and the gorgeous Blue Lake, with trips leading up a channel to a breathtaking waterfall.

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Check out the stand-up paddle boarding trips in Akaroa, close to Christchurch, for a distinctive SUP experience in New Zealand. It’s the only place where you can use light-up paddle boards for SUP at night. Why is that relevant? Below your paddle board, the lights reveal fish, eels, stingrays, and underwater flora!

Poor Knights Islands


You must see these islands off the coast of Tutukaka, Northland! The area is a sanctuary for animals both underwater and on the islands, in addition to being a sight to behold because of the jagged cliff islands. (Therefore, it’s a great diving location.) Enter the Rikoriko Cave, the largest sea cave in the world, by paddling through natural arches.

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Mount Maunganui


The Mount, a tall volcano in the Mount Maunganui neighborhood, is a must-climb on every vacation to Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty region. It’s also worthwhile to get on a paddle board and explore the undiscovered beaches and marine life near The Mount.



Paddle Wanaka offers SUP adventures in Wanaka on Lake Wanaka and the churning Clutha River. It’s the ideal setting for a taster of stand-up paddle boarding because of the beautiful surrounding mountain and the tranquil lake. Additionally, it’s a well-liked spot for SUP yoga!

Waiheke Island


It’s no surprise that stand-up paddle boards are so easy to rent on Waiheke Island, given how much stand-up paddle boarders like the sport. Discover the beaches and inlets of this Hauraki Gulf island, which is also well-known for its wineries. Choose one of New Zealand’s most tranquil islands if you want a more laid-back SUP experience!

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