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An Angry Australian Koala Charges and Pounces On A Little Boy

An actual drop bear! A small child had to be hauled away from an angry koala after it attacked the child and wouldn’t let go.

At the Kennett River Walk near the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, the marsupial charged at the child before grabbing hold of his leg. A video that has now leaked online depicts an angry koala attacking and grabbing hold of the child’s jumper as he slid to the ground.

A man who is standing next to the youngster leaps into action and begins to yank on one of the marsupial’s arms in an attempt to free it. The animal is finally freed after a protracted fight, but it holds on with its left paw while the rest of its body hangs in the air. After the animal is removed, a young youngster is seen crying and comforted by a nearby mother.

A commenter commented on the 2019 video that reappeared on Reddit last week, saying, “Holy s**t, that child is so lucky he didn’t get ripped apart!”

One user mentioned fictional koala-like creatures created to frighten tourists and claimed that Australians have “warned the world about drop bears for decades.”

Another jokingly said, in allusion to a purported drop bear repellant, “This is a wonderful training film for what happens when you don’t have a decent smear of Vegemite behind your ears.”

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Social media users cautioned against playing with koalas since they are “wild animals” on both the Reddit post and the original YouTube video.


The upsetting incident happened close to the Great Ocean Road at the Kennett River Koala Walk. Along with other species like wallabies, king parrots, and kookaburras, the walk is well-known for its substantial number of wild koalas.

Tourists frequent it as a convenient rest stop along the Great Ocean Road. One of the few places in Australia where visitors and locals can witness a sizable population of koalas in their native habitat is the Kennett River Walk. The Great Ocean Road Australia website advises against feeding or petting the animals while on the walk.

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