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San Josef Bay in BC is One of The Best Beaches in The World 2023

One of Canada’s own sandy shores can be found on a list of the world’s best beaches, sandwiched between the turquoise waters of Mexico and French Polynesia.

Even though the Great White North may not immediately conjure up images of beach vacations, one glimpse at this beach on Vancouver Island may have you reconsider your trip to Europe and start making plans for a vacation in Canada.


But the feeling of paradise won’t be found in Ontario; you’ll have to look west for that. San Josef Bay on Vancouver Island was the only location in the nation to make the list.

It’s difficult to access the breathtaking beach in Cape Scott Provincial Park, which gives the area a unique sense of seclusion.

According to the website, “more than 750 of the most well-known and seasoned travel influencers, journalists, and experts, as well as our Beach Ambassadors,” cast votes for the World’s 50 Best Beaches 2023 list.


At number 36 on the list, San Josef Bay was noted for its “rugged wilderness,” sea caves, and fine sand.

Even though the thought of the 45-minute journey to the beach may make you feel fatigued, it’s actually a good thing. The beach isn’t overrun by people, trash, and an excessive number of spike ball nets because of its secluded position.

You can escape to nature here and enjoy unimpeded views of the mountains and the dazzling ocean.


The beach is located in the northwest corner of Vancouver Island’s Cape Scott Provincial Park. This would make for a surreal summer vacation location for a car trip through the island.

You can pick your own adventure in the park, from hiking through the jungle to exploring the sea stacks.

Happy adventuring!

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