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Canada Is One Of The Happiest Countries In The World 2022

Canada is one of the happiest countries in the world in 2022. Canada came in 15th place overall out of a whopping 146 countries, surpassing the United States (16th) and the United Kingdom (17th).

The World Happiest Report 2022

The three key metrics used to rank nations in the World Happiness Report 2022 are life assessments, positive feelings, and negative emotions. The World Gallup Poll, which asks “respondents to rate their current lives as a whole using the mental image of a ladder, with the best potential lives for them as a 10 and worst possible lives as a 0,” served as the report’s major data source.

The paper’s authors point out that using life evaluations rather than emotional descriptions based on everyday events gives more reliable results for international comparisons.


On the list, Finland came in first, followed by Iceland in second and Denmark in third. The Netherlands came in fifth, followed by Switzerland in fourth.

Sweden was ranked eighth, ahead of Luxembourg. Israel was ranked ninth, with Norway taking the eighth position. The top 10 was completed by New Zealand.

Canada Is Among The Happiest Countries In The World 2022


A recent survey shows Canadians are among the world’s happiest people. However, Canada is not in the top ten.

Canada has previously ranked among the top 10 happiest nations in the world, though it fell to its lowest point ever this year. This country is ranked above the United States (16th) and the United Kingdom (17th) despite falling behind Germany (15th) on the list of 146 nations (17th).

It is safe to argue that there has been a change in Canadians’ overall happiness, and it could be helpful for us to learn from our distant neighbors to identify what that change might be.

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