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Sinterklaas, The Best Festival 2022 You Can’t Miss In Amsterdam

If you are in Amsterdam city, you must not miss Sinterklaas celebration. The event is one of the most festive occasions of the year in this city. And this year, there are many interesting things in Sinterklaas Amsterdam 2022

The Story Of Sinterklaas

Sinterklaas, commonly referred to as Saint Nicholas, has a variety of origin tales. The most well-known legend claims that Saint Nicholas was born in the Lycian coastal city of Patara in the year 270 AD.

He was raised in a wealthy Christian family; after his parents passed away as a result of a major epidemic, he donated the inheritance he had received to the needy and enlisted in the priesthood. Diocletian, the Roman emperor, ordered everyone in the Roman Empire, including the people of Asia Minor, to worship him as a god in the year 303. Christians, who held to a monotheistic belief system, rebelled against the emperor’s directives, which led to their imprisonment. Saint Nicholas was one of the many people held captive. He was imprisoned for more than five years before being freed by Constantine in 313 AD.


Saint Nicholas later rose to become the Archbishop of Myra and the protector of traders, sailors, and kids. He worked many miracles in addition to other noble deeds. According to legend, Saint Nicholas calmed storms at sea to save sailors and revive dead children.

When Italian soldiers brought Saint Nicholas’s relics from his burial location in Myra to Italy, the legend of the saint—who died on 6 December in about 340—became very well known.

A church bearing Saint Nicholas’ name was erected in the little Southern Italian town of Bari. Soon, Christian pilgrims from all over the world visited the shrine and brought his legend with them. As the legend of Saint Nicholas expanded throughout the world, his persona changed to reflect the traits of other nations.

Sinterklaas Parade Amsterdam

Traditionally, Sinterklaas travels from his home in Spain to the Netherlands by boat in the middle of November, two weeks before his renowned Feast Day (it is widely believed that Spanish sailors brought the legend of Saint Nicholas to the Netherlands). He travels to the Netherlands to herald the beginning of the Christmas season with his white horse, Americo, and his servants, the Zwarte Pieten.


The largest Saint Nicholas – Sinterklaas – procession in the world is held in Amsterdam, where there are more than a kilometer’s worth of floats and boats. Around 400,000 people line the canals to greet Sinterklaas as he arrives in town on a Sunday in the middle of November with 600 Pieten and plenty of pepernoten (little spiced biscuits).

Each year, Sinterklaas makes his way to a different location, and the celebration is broadcast live. Numerous citizens from all over the nation gather at the harbor to greet Sinterklaas and watch him parade through the streets of the city.

The Nieuwe Amstelbrug, Torontobrug, the Hoge Sluis opposite the Royal Theatre Carré, and the Magere Brug are all places where the white-bearded legend customarily makes his grand entrance into the city. The floating procession comes to a close at the Scheepvaartmuseum (Maritime Museum), where the mayor of Amsterdam greets Sint.

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Presents Of Sinterklaas


It is supposed that Sinterklaas travels at night on his white steed across roofs during the two weeks leading up to his “birthday,” listening via chimneys for nice children. When good kids put carrots in their shoes for Sinterklaas’ horse, they wake up to candies and treats in their shoes.

However, youngsters look forward to Sinterklaasavond (the night before his feast day) the most, making it his busiest day of the year. On this significant day, Sinterklaas brings gifts to good youngsters and coal to those who have been unkind.

Following Sinterklaas’ visit, the family members alternate opening and giving out gifts. Every gift has names printed on it, and almost all of them come with a humorous poem about the receiver. Singing songs and partaking in a feast of their own, which comprises primarily of sweets like marzipan, chocolate initials, pepernoten (ginger biscuits), and hot chocolate with whipped cream, is how families commemorate Sinterklaas’ Feast.

Sinterklaas Amsterdam 2022

Sinterklaas’ arrival in Amsterdam takes place in mid-November but the exact date varies each year. This year, Sinterklaas Amsterdam day 2022 on Tuesday, December 6. Celebrations also take place throughout the Amsterdam Area, including Zaandam, IJmuiden, Velsen, Santpoort.

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