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12 Things Tourists Shouldn’t Do In Sydney To Stay Out Of Trouble

Sydney is a very friendly city; the locals adore their beautiful harbour city and are eager to share it with visitors worldwide. However, there are a few things tourists shouldn’t do In Sydney to ensure a safe holiday and to keep the locals happy.

Take the bus without an opal card.


Opal cards are free and available at most gas stations and convenience stores. The majority of public transportation in Sydney requires an opal card, so don’t be one of those tourists who gets on a bus during peak hour and slows everyone else’s long commute by asking a million questions.

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Say Melbourne is superior – tourists shouldn’t do In Sydney

Sydney and Melbourne have always had a sibling rivalry; we believe Sydney is superior, while everyone in Melbourne disagrees. Don’t bring it up in Sydney if you prefer Melbourne (shame on you!).

Drinking in Public


There is no denying that Australia is a nanny state! We have more rules than you can imagine, and one of the most vexing is drinking in public places. Keep your drinking at home or in bars to avoid a fine or a slap on the wrist.

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Visit Darling Harbour.

Many other travel guides may advise you to visit Darling Harbour, but don’t waste your time. Darling Harbour is extremely touristy and lacks a local feel; in fact, most Sydneysiders avoid it entirely.

Forget to wear sunscreen


You may be desperate to get that Australian tan, but proceed with caution. The sun in Australia is extremely powerful. When they see bright red, peeling tourists who appear to be in pain, locals always smirk. Wear sunscreen to avoid spoiling your vacation.

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Support the wrong team – tourists shouldn’t do In Sydney

Australians adore their sport and despise losing to Kiwis in particular. If you’re in a Sydney bar watching a game, make sure to root for the Australian team to avoid unwanted stares.

Get some shut-eye

Sydney, unlike many other cities around the world, rises early. We are blessed with beautiful weather all year, and we like to take advantage of it. People are already up and about at 6 a.m., and most cafés are open by 7 a.m.

Stay out too late


As previously stated, we have many rules, and one of those rules in Sydney is that bars must close early. The majority of bars close at midnight, with some closing at 2 a.m. and very few closing at 4 a.m. So don’t put off going out until too late and miss out on the nightlife entirely.

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Swimming in the harbor

The harbour’s majestic blue water may appear enticing, but don’t be fooled! The water is infested with bull sharks, which are known for being one of the most aggressive species. Always swim between the nets with caution.

Use stereotypical sayings – tourists shouldn’t do In Sydney

‘Put a shrimp on the barbie,’ many foreigners believe we say, but I can assure you that we do not. We don’t even call them shrimp; we call them prawns. G’day is another uncommon term, particularly in Sydney, where a simple hello suffices.

Feel obligated to tip – tourists shouldn’t do In Sydney

Australia pays well, and the service industry is not as reliant on tips as it is in other countries. Please tip people if you were particularly impressed with their service, but don’t feel obligated to do so.

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