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10 Weird Foods Only Found in Australia

Although they may appear to be ordinary foods to us, our international friends regard chicken salt, Gaytimes, and sausage sizzles as bizarre. We asked non-Aussies living here to tell us about the strangest foods in Australia they’ve encountered, and then ranked them in order of strangeness… from the most outrageous to the most normal (spoiler: apparently none of them are really that normal).

Devon and tomato sauce sandwich – Weird Foods in Australia


“Because my parents are both Italian, imagine my surprise when I saw a friend eating a stras and sauce sandwich.” My Italian blood simply cannot handle it; I had the typical Italian lunchbox… salami and cheese.” – Sarah from Italy

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Fairy bread


“At the age of 40, my British husband attends his first children’s birthday party in Australia, sees rainbow-colored bread, and wonders, ‘Ooh, what’s that?’ He grabs one, takes a big bite, and spits it into his hand while turning to me and asking, “What’s wrong with you people?” After a few years, it’s our son’s favorite food, and he’d eat it every day if he could.” – Selina, who is married to a British man

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Pineapple Lumps (and bullets)


“What’s the deal with coating things in chocolate that don’t taste good?” Chocolate-covered pineapple dish sponges and chocolate-covered licorice bullets Let’s just eat chocolate together.” – Hilary from Denmark

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Stickjaw toffees, Weird Foods in Australia


“Australia, I’m not sure whether I’m appalled at the sugar content of these sticky treats or amazed at the ingenuity that can get kids all over the world to stop talking.” I’m not brave enough to have my fillings pulled, but I applaud you for figuring out how to stop the “are we there yet?” nagging from the back seat on long road trips.” Sheryl from South Africa

Frog in a pond

“Being from the United Kingdom, I assumed the ‘frog in a pond’ dish I kept hearing about was some sort of Aussie version of toad in the hole.” Is it a sausage in batter? Maybe it’s a real frog in the batter? The reality, however, was even stranger: a chocolate frog in green jelly. Why ruin an otherwise delicious chocolate frog by submerging it in green jelly? Serve them separately, sure, but together? Yeeew!” – Laura, United Kingdom


“Is that a drink?” What exactly is a sundae? That’s what it is: strange.” – Rebecca from England

Chicken salt – Weird Foods in Australia


“When I first placed my order for fries, I was asked which toppings I wanted. There was this chicken salt on the list of options. I had to inquire twice. I chose chicken salt because I imagined a juicy salted chicken layer on top of the fries, and the idea sounded Australian enough to be feasible. So, while I was initially disappointed that my chicken topping was missing from the fries, the taste was absolutely delicious.” – Remi from France

Chiko roll


“I have no idea what’s in it.” So revolting.” – Sue

Musk sticks


“Those pink sticks that taste like perfume that the kids eat… they’re food from the devil’s own backside.” – Jen

Beetroot on your burger – Weird Foods in Australia

“On paper, I used to think beetroot on burgers was disgusting. It was delicious when I tried it. “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it,” I say. – Yenne

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