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Red Light District In Amsterdam – Things You Need To Know

Bold and open are the adjectives when it comes to this place. So, here is the Red Light District in Amsterdam – things you need to know, from its history to the specific location. 

General Information – Red Light District In Amsterdam


The Amsterdam Red Light is one of the best-known districts in the metropolis because of its housing of the globe’s oldest occupation. But in fact, the Amsterdam Red Light District is not a tourist attraction. This neighborhood is just a small area and doesn’t have an entry or an exit. It contains two trenches and several alleys. normally comes across secretly, but it’s not the case in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

At the back of the window in this district, you will see…utes presenting their “services”. Plus, there are many s.e..x activities such as clubs,, s.e.x shops, s..e.x shows, etc.

Though the place was quite an infamous and hazardous area, things have changed continuously during the past years. Apart from pickpockets, the site is rather safe to see particularly during the day. 

The most aged sensual theatre here is Casa Rosso. You can visit this site to watch 18+ actions. There’s almost nothing as an age limitation to walking through the location. However, still, adult stores and adult amusement do not approve of minors.

The History 


The history of this place goes back to the 16th century when the Protestants overthrew the Catholic government. The new empire changed the way how the district worked. They made it to serve the purpose of entertaining sailors and visitors passing over Amsterdam. 

How Does The Place Work? – Red Light District In Amsterdam


The spot is freely available since it’s merely a neighborhood on general roads. It doesn’t have a specific closing time. Regardless, if you want to try the favor of a sex worker, the ideal time is before 4 in the morning when the windows begin shutting. The women work independently here, so they can quit whenever they want.

If you’d like the service here, just approach the window to show that you’re interested. They then open the door for you. 

Remember to treat whomever behind the door with respect, just like you’d like to be treated. The working people here have the freedom to deny clients.

How Much Does The Service Cost?


It depends on the wishes of clients. Then, the s.e.x workers will set the prices. In general, the tariffs begin at €50 for about 10 to 15 minutes of basic service. 

If you have other wants or need more time you will have to pay extra. 

Once you settle the type of service and the cost, they will let you in. You are required to pay money upfront, so ensure that you have the right amount on you.

Museum Of Prostitution – Red Light District In Amsterdam


If you want to find out more about the area and the secret behind the scenes, we suggest Red Light Secrets for your visit.

Before being turned into a p.ros.tit.u.tion museum, this place was a This place offers interesting services such as sitting by a window so you can somewhat get the feeling of those workers.

Their audio guide will prepare you with information about the context of the District and the prostitution world. It will be a short but detailed insight into this infamous neighborhood of Amsterdam.

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