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7 Famous Canadian Snacks And Their Backstory

What are the specials about them? They are just snacks! Alright, we know it. But hey, just spend some time reading our post 7 famous Canadian snacks and their backstory, maybe you will find out pieces of interesting information!

Coffee Crisp


This is a chocolate bar coffee-flavored. It’s a Canadian alternative to British eat. 

Arising from Rowntree’s Wafer Crisp, it was a Canadian take that was widespread enough to prevail when Nestle took charge of the business. 

A web-based requisition took 6 years to bring Crisp to the States., even so, the transaction and allocation were stopped in 2009. So, now, only Canadians love their Coffee Crisp.

Ketchup Chips – Famous Canadian Snacks


This is a Canadian first-rate snack. But did you know that this snack has quite a complex history? 

The food brand Hostess, now is Lays, invented the ketchup chip in the 70s when they released their flavor fruit chips, grape and orange to be more specific.

The brand has tried to export this kind of snack to the U.S., but their attempts have either been confined in circulation or stopped completely. 

Kinder Surprise


Kinder Surprise is not a Canadian genuine. It, in fact, comes from Italia. It is an invention by Ferrero. But this captivating egg with a reward inside fastly evolved into a  so-called treat in Canada.

However, this snack is not available in the States, a nation that was established on the Cracker Jack. Because it is restricted. 

In the Federal Food, Drug, And Cosmetic Act, foods comprising uneatable objects inside them such as toys are prohibited. Because they worry about the possible choking risks shows. And if you think this law is too old to possibly be enforced, The U.S. boundary guards even have been known to impound the Kinder Surprise.

Smarties – Famous Canadian Snacks


This is chocolate that use Canuck as the center. 

It doesn’t mean that Nestle won’t offer this kind of candy in the U.S., they just cannot do that. If you come to a shop in the States and ask the staff for Smarties, they will give you a candy that is alike Rockets.

The case happens just because there is a business in America already, which is also comprehended for just that. Likewise, as Nestle Canada is a branch of the Nestle of the U.K., there is a British type of Smarties that, meanwhile very alike, has some specific differences.

Jos Louis


People suppose that the Jos Louis is Canada’s hand-cake response to the American Ding Dong, but they have got it wrong. 

In 1932, the Vachon business, which is based in Quebec, created the Jos Louis. So, Jos Louis truthfully came first in comparison with the 60’s-made Ding Dong.

The Jos Louis name is quite unique since it caused a bit of misreading. The pronunciation of “Jos” as “Joe” has made the supposition that the food was named after Joe Louis, a renowned American boxer. But actually, it’s named as a tribute to Jos and Louis, the sons of Vachon.

Pink Cream Soda – Famous Canadian Snacks


Cream soda is now sold all around the globe, but what actual color is it? If you said red-ish pink, then you surely come from Canada. 

For several unanswered reasons, cream soda solely appears to be this shade in Canada. Crush, one of the leading cream soda firms, has a totally American history; established in 1916 in California, after inventing its most well-known Orange Crush soda, which put them in the host position of different tastes. 

Nevertheless, they only sell their pink cream soda in Canada with no public clarification of this nationwide phenomenon.

Big Turk


Coming out with Nestle, they have another bar whose flavor is actually more impressive. The Big Turk is a classic original Canadian. It is about a chocolate layer coating a pink Turkish delight.

If you don’t have a clue of what Turkish delight is, it’s a sweet, starchy combination that forms a gel-like, hard treat. A 60g of Big Turk bar only has 3.5g of fat.

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