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8 Enchanted Places Around Ontario That Will Transport You Into a Disney Fairytale

Don’t forget to bring your crown; visiting these enchanting Ontario sites is like entering into a Disney fairy tale.

Ontario features stunning structures such as castles, antique stone towers, and romantic walking routes that will make you feel like a princess. You might have fun trying to retell some of your favorite childhood stories and enchant your traveling companion with these enchanting stops.

The Royal Botanic Garden – Enchanted Places Around Ontario


Walking through this enormous park, you will notice stunning gateways and flowing fountains. The Rose Garden blooms from June to September and is reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast.

Waterloo Pioneers Monument


Rapunzel’s long locks can be found at this ancient stone tower along the river in Kitchener.

Immaculate Conception Basilica

This lovely church appears to belong in Europe and is a fitting home for a mysterious bellman and his buddies.

Castle of Charms – Enchanted Places Around Ontario

This beautiful Niagara winery is an enchanting castle and vineyard with delightful tasting opportunities to enjoy, ranging from luxury picnics to light lunches.

Castle Boldt


Heart Island has a gorgeous stone castle with a beautiful but tragic love story hidden behind it that you may explore. You may explore this stunning rock castle by sailing from Ontario’s 1000 Islands.

Trail of Health Valley

You can take a leisurely nature walk past a mystical wise oak tree that will undoubtedly remind you of Grandma Willow.

Chateau Laurier Fairmont


This fairy-tale hotel, known as “Ottawa’s castle,” is suitable for a princess. Whether you want to stay the night in a room, have a delicious high tea, or enjoy the canal views from the gorgeous courtyard, it’s worth the stop.

Memorial to the Battlefield – Enchanted Places Around Ontario

This 100-foot-tall monument is a sign of peace in memory of the warriors that went through Stoney Creek, but it appears like a castle tower where a princess might have been hiding.

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