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7 most incredible mountains in New Zealand

New Zealand has gorgeous mountains. With the Southern Alps and North Island volcanoes, there are plenty of mountains to explore.

If you come to New Zealand to see the postcard-worthy peaks, you should visit these mountains.

“Must see” Here are New Zealand’s 7 most magnificent mountains.

Mt Taranaki – incredible mountains in New Zealand


Mt Taranaki is New Zealand’s most symmetrical and scenic volcano. For the Maori, this volcano is a living entity, an ancestor, thus don’t climb to the top. The Maori high point should be avoided.

Mt. Taranaki lies in New Zealand’s North Island’s Egmont National Park. This volcano is a favorite place for hikers who have completed a tough hike or another that offers spectacular views. Hike to Pouakai Hut to witness the famed reflective canvas for a great perspective of Mount Taranaki.

Mount Cook/Aoraki


New Zealand’s tallest mountain is Mount Cook. She’s 3,724 meters high and towers over the surrounding mountains. Many famous walks aim to acquire the best view of Mt Cook. This includes the Hooker Valley Trail. 10km round-trip trek in Hooker Valley. Mt Cook is in the background at Hooker Lake.

Mt Cook is in Canterbury, South Island’s Mt Cook National Park. From Christchurch to Queenstown: 4 hours. Explore Mount Cook Village for a day or two. An overnight stay is the best way to enjoy this place.

Tasman Lake and the Tasman Glacier are famous Mount Cook National Park attractions, like a spectacular helicopter trip or ascending Mueller Hut.

Mount Ngauruhoe – incredible mountains in New Zealand


Mount Ngauruhoe is called Mount Doom from Lord of the Rings. This dormant volcano is in Tongariro National Park, south of Mount Ruapehu.

Tongariro Crossing is a popular New Zealand dayhike. This 19km trek takes you near Mount Ngauruhoe. If hiking isn’t your thing, you can take a scenic flight or visit this mountain on a clear day. Taupo town across Lake Taupo!

Mount Miter


Mount Miter is the list’s most unusual and famous mountain. From the beach of Milford Sound, this spiky mountain is tough to miss.

Miter Peak has a unique location and aspect. Fiordland National Park’s 1,692-meter peak rises from the Tasman Sea. Only expert climbers can reach the summit; others can enjoy the view from Milford Sound or a scenic flight.

Mount Aspiring – incredible mountains in New Zealand


Mt Aspiring, at 3,033 meters, is New Zealand’s highest mountain. Mount Aspiring National Park contains this splendor. It’s 30km west of Lake Wanaka in the southern Alps.

Travelers between Wanaka and Franz Josef often stop in Mount Aspiring National Park. Thunder Creek Falls, the Blue Pools, and the Rob Roy Glacier Trail are all nearby.

To enjoy Mt. Aspiring, you must climb it. The trek from Raspberry Flats is strenuous and recommended for experienced hikers and climbers.

Mount Roy


Roy’s Peak trekking has become a popular New Zealand activity. This 8km trek climbs 1258m. After a difficult ascent, you reach Roys Peak’s summit.

Who loves hiking? Top-down view is unique! You climb the tower to see neighboring lakes. The hike is 10 minutes from Wanaka.

This trail is popular during the summer. If you want to do it alone, go early to beat the crowds.

The Remarkables


The Remarkables is a mountain range. A former mountain surveyor saw the mountain range heading directly north and dubbed it “amazing!” Locals call these mountains “The Captions.”

The Remarkables are near Queenstown in Central Otago. If you’re in Queenstown, you’ll recognize the range immediately. Remarkables is the great background from Queenstown along Lake Wakatipu. Sunsets here are best enjoyed with a glass of wine.

Jet boat on Lake Wakatipu and the Kawarau River for extra adventure. Here, you may see Remarkables beautifully. The gondola journey up Bob’s gives Queenstown views and Reviews.

Remarkables has a ski rink. Ski and snowboard on groomed trails or in the countryside from June through October.

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