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Top things NOT to do in New Zealand in 2022 if you want to stay out of trouble

New Zealand is a country made up of two main islands: the North Island and the South Island. This country is full of breathtaking scenery and landscapes. It will wow you in so many ways. Keep this list of dos and don’ts in New Zealand handy when you travel. Take a good look and remember to write everything down if you’re wondering what to do in New Zealand throughout your trip and don’t know what to do.

It should not be compared to Australia.


Tourists frequently compare New Zealand to Australia, referring to it as an island off Australia’s coast. While they are correct about the island aspect (New Zealand is made up of over 600 islands), there is nothing Australian about it. In comparison to Australia’s sweltering temperatures, the climate here is comfortable. The flora and animals are unique, and the culture and history represent the country’s history. It is a lovely country with a distinct identity. In fact, many people believe that one of the reasons not to visit New Zealand is that Australia is beautiful enough. That is just false. New Zealand is truly one-of-a-kind and gorgeous.

There is no regard for Maori culture – things NOT to do in New Zealand


New Zealand’s indigenous people are known as Maori, and their native language is also known as Maori. Some Maori areas are sacred, and visitors must be respectful while visiting. Furthermore, recognizing some of the Maori expressions that have become part of the country’s common English is considered common courtesy. Among these are kai (food), whanau (family), and several others.

Exploring Fascinating Maori Culture Of New Zealand

The Little Islands are not to be missed.

Tourists frequently visit the North Island and believe that is the extent of the country’s allure. The South Island and Stuart Island, on the other hand, are very different. While the North Island is ideal for walking, the other two islands feature lower temperatures and stunning scenery, including mountains, glaciers, and valleys. While the North Island is chosen in the summer, the South Island, with its dazzling snowy landscape, is preferred in the winter.

Be willing to try new foods.


Despite the lack of indigenous foods, New Zealand boasts a diverse range of international cuisines such as Thai, Indian, European, American, and others. If you are a foodie, you should not miss the local Maori delicacies. Try different cuisines from all over the world in a single country rather than just one.

Don’t expect the city’s bustle – things NOT to do in New Zealand

Because the majority of New Zealand’s population is centered in Auckland, the majority of the destinations you visit will be devoid of crowds, allowing you to enjoy some peace and quiet as well as a refreshing difference from other places and locales. Popular tourist location all over the world. So don’t dismiss a destination’s lack of crowds as a negative feature.

Don’t be afraid to get lost.


One of the most typical things that travelers do is stick to their schedule. Do not attempt it when in New Zealand. You must not only tour the well-known places, but also the wide expanses and participate in the many activities that the country has to offer. Renting a van or automobile allows you to travel around the country at your leisure.

Don’t make the locals sad – things NOT to do in New Zealand

Locals in many nations are unfriendly to tourists, but if you welcome a stranger here, he will most likely wave back and assist you. You can ask anyone for directions or assistance, and the majority of them will gladly oblige. Kiwis (people from New Zealand) can be timid but highly friendly.

Take preventative measures to avoid being robbed.

While the area is very safe, travelers can be robbed here. This frequently occurs when the car is parked in a remote location. As a result, when parking or carrying valuables, you should conceal them. If you are unintentionally robbed, do not take it lightly and report the event to the authorities. However, keep crucial documents such as your passport and visa with you at all times.

Don’t disregard customs – things NOT to do in New Zealand

The customs in this country are highly strict, and you must report everything you bring. You must report everything, including a pack of pliable bears, woodcarvings, outdoor equipment, and more. So, read the instructions and laws thoroughly and sail safely.

National Parks Make Excellent Camping Locations

Because of its small population, the land is recognized for its rural locations and previously unknown roads, and camping should not be overlooked. Due to lax legislation, many distant spots can be exploited as camping grounds. A camping vehicle rental is also highly suggested. No, for people who believe they can stand out while traveling in an RV. You will be staying at one of the several RV parks that are popular here. Even the locals enjoy traveling in it.

Don’t rely too heavily on the Internet.

Because of its distant location, there is no dependable internet here, so don’t rely on it. The cities have adequate service, but much of the country is rural, so ask for directions, print a map, and bring some cash. Even when service is accessible, especially in the South Island, it is slow and unreliable. Prepare accordingly. Keep these things in mind when you visit here, and you will undoubtedly have a fantastic time and enjoy your trip to the best.

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