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Poi Hawaiian Food: Bring Hawaiian Vibes To Your Home

Poi Hawaiian food is one of the most unique cuisines in Hawaii. And just as special as the treat is, Hawaiians only use their own tools, poi pounder, to make their own food. So, let us show you the poi recipe and how to make it. Let’s bring Hawaiian vibes to your home!
Poi Hawaiian Food

What Is Poi Hawaiian Food?


Poi is a purple pudding-like Hawaiian dish. You can certainly find it everywhere, from convenience stores to fancy restaurants. 

There are three kinds of this dish. The first one is called “one-finger”. The second and the third are called “two-finger” and “three-finger” accordingly. The meaning behind their kinds refers to the consistency and the number of fingers you’ll need to scoop them.

A Look Back To The History

The poi’s history is quite interesting. The Polynesian immigrants believed that the taro plant itself contains the Haola spirit. As a result, a dish made from it was certainly sacred. Arguments among people sitting at the dining table had to stop when this sacred dish was set out. This action was to show respect for the spirit of Hola.

However, in 1911, selling poi was illegal. According to the Board of Health, the dish had led to a cholera outbreak. To protect citizens’ health, as a result, they prohibited it. Instead, they distributed free poi until they enacted the production regulation.

What Is It Made Of?


The root of the taro plant is the main ingredient to make this delicious dish. It is also the reason poi is purple. It can vary from fluid, to doughy and thick. Its nutrition makes it an alternative to mommy milk in lactose-sensitive newborns.

How Does It Taste?

In a traditional manner, this paste-like dish has a delicate flavor. But the flavor changes once you cook it. Fresh poi is sweet. And if you let it sits for a day it will turn sour. 

Hawaiians eat this sweet paste-like dish with sugar. Meanwhile, it’s great to mix the sour one with smoked meats,  salted fish, poke, or salmon.

What is Poi Pounder?


Hawaiians use the poi pounder to crush taro roots after baking them. Then, they kneaded the crushed taro roots, and continue to pound them into a paste.

Poi Recipe

Ingredients for a poi recipe are simple. You’ll need:

  • Two quarts plus one and one-quarter cups of water
  • One and a half pounds of taro roots. Keep it unpeeled.

How To Make Poi?

First, let’s boil two quarts of water. Next, add taro and cook for 40 minutes until it becomes tender. 

Let it drain for 15 minutes. Peel to discard its skin and then mash it into a paste. Finally, add water until it reaches the consistency that you want.

As we mention before, there are two ways to enjoy the dish. So, choose one that suits your taste best. And that’s how to make poi. So simple, isn’t it?

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