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Hollywood Sign at Night: Rare Lit Up Moments

Over time, the Hollywood Sign has become a symbol of the glamour and fame that surrounds the entertainment industry. Although the Hollywood Sign was initially intended to be lit at night, it’s rarely illuminated. In this post, we will show you three special occasions when the Hollywood Sign flashes, as well as its intriguing history. You’ll also discover fun Hollywood Sign trivia to share with friends!

Hollywood Sign at Night

Summer Olympics 1984


In 1984, when Los Angeles hosted Summer Olympics, the city lit up the Hollywood Sign for the first time. For this very special moment, the famed Hollywood Sign was illuminated during the games.

New Years Eve 1999


Los Angeles marked the new century by illuminating the Hollywood Sign at midnight on December 31, 1999. This marked the first time the sign flashed since the 1984 Summer Olympics.

BET Award 2022


Paramount Global, which owns BET (Black Entertainment Television), has partnered with Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to celebrate the sign’s 100th anniversary in 2023, but they wanted to promote one of their award programs early. BET requested permission from the chamber to project graphics onto the sign before the award ceremony. With permission granted, Hollywood Sign shone at night again after 23 years.

Hollywood Sign History


The now-famous Hollywood Sign was first erected as part of an advertising for a property called Hollywoodland. During the 1940s, the letter H fell off due to the neglect. Eventually, the Recreation and Parks Department wanted to get rid of the sign altogether. However, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce intervened and took ownership ever since. In 1949, the organization finally took “LAND” off the sign.


Landmark Status Granted

The Hollywood Sign became Historic-Cultural Monument #111 in 1973, even though it was slowly falling apart every night. In 1978, the Los Angeles Times helped raise money to keep the Hollywood Sign standing. This event has helped the sign stay up to this day.


Name Changes & Vandalism

  • “HOLLYWeeD” in 1976 and 2017
  • “HOLYWOOD” when Pope John Paul II visited in 1976 and 1987
  • “GO NAVY” when the Army-Navy football game came to the West Coast for the first and only time in December 1983
  • “RAMS HOUSE” to celebrate Rams’ Super Bowl victory in February 2022

Interesting Hollywood Sign Trivia

  • The Hollywood Sign has its own extensive security system
  • It’s illegal to touch or approach the Hollywood Sign
  • The first Hollywoodland sign had 4,000 light bulbs on it
  • The original Hollywood Sign was bigger
  • Albert Kothe once crashed his car into the sign
  • Hollywoodland only expected this sign to last 18 months
  • Hollywood Sign used to be lit up at night in 1930s

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