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Places Of Interest In Auckland You Must Visit At Least Once

Let’s discover places of interest in Auckland, New Zealand (aka things to do in Auckland), from the land, such as the night market, to the beaches.

Overview Auckland


Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand, with a number of 1.6 million residents. It’s also the center of the nation’s commercial and retail activities. 



The city is encircled by exactly 48 volcanoes as well as countless scenic islands. This harbourside spot is called the “City of Sails” due to the great number of ships that cruise in the ports and the bordering Hauraki Gulf.


This city is home to a variety of races. More than half of its citizen’s ancestors are European. The remains are Asian, Pacific, and New Zealand Maori.


The city’s temperature is moderate, with warm summers and cooler winters. 

  • The summer months last from December to March
  • Autumn is from March to May
  • Winter is between June and August
  • Spring is from September to November

Travel Tips In Auckland

About money-saving tips:

  • Hit happy hour – Some backpacker bars offer happy hours. It means that you can buy beverages at lower prices during these hours. Or else, spend only 10 NZD for a beer at the bar.
  • Take a free walking tour – There is a tour named Auckland Free Walking Tour. It provides a delightful and insightful expedition that shows you all the city’s highlights.
  • Enjoy nature – Since New Zealand has many great trails and walks, let’s take advantage of them.
  • Bring with you a reusable water bottle – The tap water here is drinkable. To save money and lessen plastic use, remember to pack a reusable water bottle.

About traveling tips:

  • Buses are the most popular means to travel around the city. However, cash is unacceptable on buses, so you have to get an AT Hop card for 10 NZD. This card will help cut ticket prices by 20 to 50%. You can easily purchase the AT Hop card at shops around the city.
  • Take the commuter train instead of the bus to reach the suburbs. Fares are 5 NZD with AT Hop card and 7.50 NZD without the card. The problem is some ferries don’t take the Hop card so you’ll have to check beforehand.
  • Taxis are pricey and as a result, should be avoided.
  • Ridesharing – An alternative option as it’s cheaper to take Uber here.
  • Car rental – Unless you intend to go far away from the city, you probably don’t need to rent a car in Auckland.

Places Of Interest In Auckland

Auckland West Coast Beaches


The west side of Auckland is home to many stunning beaches. However, some of these beaches appear to be dangerous because of their heavy surf from the Tasman Sea, treacherous undertow, and sheer rocks. But no need to worry, there are still famous beaches that offer great swimming and outdoor activities for you to enjoy.

The first one is Piha Beach. This is one of the hottest beaches in Auckland. People choose this spot to have a picnic or merely a sunbath. It’s also the main haunt for surfers in the area.

And if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Auckland beaches, Karioitahi Beach is perfect for you. Located in Waiuku in South Auckland, this black-sand coast seldom attracts more than a handful of sun-seekers.

Sylvia Park Night Market In Auckland


The choice of food stalls at Sylvia Park Night Market in Auckland is broad and diverse. And of course, their tastes are great enough to make you mouthwatering. 

If you’re a Spanish dish buff, then you must try paella which is the top-selling seafood here. This night market also offers many shopping options with interesting crafts and arts, exquisite jewelry, and fine clothes.

As a terrific cultural site, Sylvia Park Night Market in Auckland delivers a feel-good community ambiance full of friendly people from every part of the world.

Museum Of Transport And Technology (MOTAT)


Sitting in the Western Springs district, Auckland’s Museum of Transport and Technology is dedicated to the history of transport and technology in New Zealand. Its detailed address is at Great North Road, Western Springs, Auckland, New Zealand.

MOTAT prize displays are relevant to Richard Pearse, the country’s aviation pioneer. Pearse made his foremost flights around the same time as the Wright brothers.

Another highlight here is the 90 Degrees South exhibit. It is devoted to the trans-Antarctic journey of the explorer Sir Edmund Hillary. Other objects include a huge black-and-white photography collection, vintage cars, trams, railroad rolling stock, and old coaches.

The museum also offers many educational programs and interesting workshops. And for a real treat, let’s take a ride on the vintage trams that run from the museum.

Auckland Zoo


This 1922 zoo is on Motions Road in Auckland. At the moment, the zoo has a number of newer parts compared with the past. Te Wao Nui which mainly focuses on animal life and the local plants, is an example.

Highlights here include over 1,400 creatures from 135 species from South America, Australia, and Africa. There is a variety of amazing experiences available, such as photography workshops, junior zookeeper programs, and an after-dark safari.

This is one of the ideal places of interest for families in Auckland.

Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Islands


The Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Islands is a must-visit site for nature lovers. There are many places of interest to discover in this wonderful landscape of Auckland.

Great Barrier Island with a full pack of wildlife adventures, including kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, and camping.

Rangitoto Island, which was originally a dormant volcano. It’s also home to the biggest pohutukawa tree forest in the world. 

Tiritiri Matangi Island – a small wildlife shelter for some of New Zealand’s most threatened birdlife.

Sky Tower Auckland


This is the highest building in New Zealand, FYI. With 328 meters high, Sky Tower is one of the city’s prominent landmarks.

The views from the observation deck here offer a flawless city panorama. 

But for many tourists, Sky Tower is something more than just the views. The Sky Walk and Sky Jump platforms provide even more thrilling experiences. The former is about dizzying walking as you’ll see the ground from a 192-meter-high platform which is the tower’s pergola. Meanwhile, the latter will cause you an adrenaline rush when base-jumping off its platform.

The address is Victoria Street W, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand.

One Tree Hill


One Tree Hill is 182 meters high and sits in the center of Cornwall Park. This is one of the places of interest for people who desire to have to get closer to nature. 

The volcanic cone of One Tree Hill (Maungakiekie) is the city’s icon for many Aucklanders. The 182-meter-high hill is nestled in the beautiful Cornwall Park, surrounded by flower beds and mature tree stands with walking routes.

Besides flower beds and mature trees, this hill is dedicated to historical and cultural values. There is an obelisk built over the burial of Sir John Logan Campbell on the top of the hill. Sir John Logan Campbell, to whose this swath of greenery belonged to. The man eventually gifted his property to the Auckland government so that they could use it as a part of the city park. The slopes of the hill contain remnants of the Maori Pa people. There was even a fortified village located here in the pre-European period.

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