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Four Mile Beach, Australia: Guide To Port Douglas’ Most Beautiful Beach

One of Port Douglas’ most beautiful sights is Four Mile Beach, a lovely stretch of palm-lined beach that is easily deserving of the title of most immaculate in Australia. Funny enough, Four Mile Beach is actually four kilometers long; it was given that moniker after a local family who just so happened to go by that name. Here are a guide and things to do in Four Mile Beach for you.

Guide to Four Mile Beach, Australia


Port Douglas, Australia’s Far North Queensland, is home to white-sand beaches, the Great Barrier Reef, the Daintree Rainforest, and Cape Tribulation. This backpacker-friendly fishing town is about one hour from Cairns and offers quiet lodgings that may be reserved on Culture Trip in lush, palm-lined settings. Additionally, it is understandable why guests arrive for breakfast and stay all day, given the abundance of dining establishments and nightlife along the shore.

The gateway to this region of Queensland is Cairns Airport, which offers daily direct flights from important Australian cities like Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast. The journey to Port Douglas is just a simple drive up the coast.

Best time to visit Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas


With temperatures averaging a pleasant 25C from April to June, Port Douglas enters its dry season (77F). Additionally, the stinger season ends in May. The months of July through September are cooler, with lots of sunshine and little rain. The greatest time to visit if you’re serious about trekking would be between September to November when daytime temps average around 23C (73F). The wet season, with its hot and muggy days, lasts from November to April.

Things to do at Four Mile Beach

Heaven for water sports!


A gorgeous beach like Four Mile should, and most definitely does, host a wide variety of water activities that provide you with a great view of the beach and marine life. Four Mile Beach is a breathtaking location for standup paddleboarding in the morning and kiteboarding in the afternoon since it is tucked between the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef.

While gliding through the water, you might even see some of the Great Barrier Reef’s most well-known residents, including dolphins, sea turtles, manta rays, and a variety of colorful fish species.

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Across the sand on a Segway


Don’t feel like walking but yet want to explore the entire four-kilometer stretch of this wonderful beach? Why not take a segway tour to experience Port Douglas in the coolest possible way? Tours take you along lovely pathways through the woods, along the sandy coastline, and past peaceful rivers.

Enjoy the stunning sunrises


Some of Australia’s most breathtaking sunrises (and sunsets, for that matter!) may be seen at Four Mile Beach. The morning, when the magnificent eastern dawn bathes the beach in dazzling red, orange, and yellow hues, is the best time of day to view the beach in all its tropical splendor. The beach’s location on a point makes it ideal for soaking up the magnificent sunlight and the exquisite beauty they provide.

Enjoy top-notch seafood by the water


You’ll likely want to eat something after a day of exploration. With mouthwatering seafood and BBQ facilities available along the shoreline, Four Mile Beach definitely has you covered. It’s the ideal way to end your memorable day at Four Mile Beach to enjoy a delicious lunch while watching the magnificent sunset!

Four Mile Beach Walk


The Port Douglas Coastal Walk only includes the portion of Four Mile Beach park that is flat and sandy. More is involved than that. At various points along the beach and cliff, there are interactive signs with a map that direct you to the next step. View images. There are two signs: one at the end of Mowbray Street on the beach close to the Surf Club and one near the beach end of Macrossan Street at Jalun Park. The trek is 4.4 kilometers long, and there are a total of 15 signs.

Additionally, the walk takes you through some opulent mansions of the wealthy and famous with breathtaking views of the beach and water, out to the point, and then along Dickson’s Inlet close to St Mary’s-by-the-Sea. The Low Isles Preservation Society created and installed the walk years ago. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority will shortly swap out the outdated signage and install new ones.

Through this article, we showed you a guide and things to do in Four Mile Beach. Please give your feedback by leaving a comment below!

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