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Must-Watch Movies On Netflix Netherlands (Part 2)

We are back again with our series of must-watch movies on Netflix Netherlands (part 2)! Curling up on the sofa on the weekend and enjoying our recommended movies are surely the best way to relax. 

Tell Me Who I Am – Movies On Netflix Netherlands


Genre: Drama, Mystery, Documentary

The documentary begins with the story of Alex Lewis, who is hospitalized because of a motorbike accident and wakes up not remembering a thing. His situation is worse since he doesn’t even have a clue who his parents are. But surprisingly, he still recognizes Marcus, his twin siblings.

Tell Me Who I Am follows Marcus’s attempt to help bring back his brother’s memory. Though it’s a sad story, it’s still a fascinating and touching movie that is worth your time.



Genre: Drama, Comedy

Now, we will show 2 main reasons why Paddleton is such a must-watch movie. The first one is about the cast. Two famous actors that are Mark Duplass and Ray Romano will play the central role in the whole story. 

The next one is about its director – Alexandre Lehmann. He is the one who plays an important part in the production of Blue Jay (the movie we recommended in part 1).

So, the plot is about two misfit neighbors gathering themselves together when one of them is interpreted with cancer. They get off a trip to the closest pharmacy, a six-hour of driving, which then appears as an adventure.

The flick is about a bromance but fragile friendship, a comedy but drama due to a deadly illness. All of these oppositions cause Paddleton an excellent slice-of-life drama

Athlete A – Movies On Netflix Netherlands


Genre: Documentary

This disruptive documentary tracks the USA Olympics sexual harassment issue that drew much attention in 2015. In the form of interviewing, the documentary shows the dark side of the sports industry. It’s sad to say that there are many kinds of ongoing abuse such as emotional, sexual, and physical.

Athlete A is groundbreaking because it depicts the exact problems which are not only relevant to a doctor or the 54 trainers who were uncovered blameworthy of sexual abuse. It’s about what went wrong with the community to consider the abuse of young girls as a reason for cheering.

All Or Nothing


Genre: Comedy, Drama

This is a heartbreaking family drama from Mike Leigh. The plot describes a couple who has to work hard to make ends meet. In the meantime, they also find struggles in their marriage and things get worse when their son is hospitalized.

Starring with Timothy Spall and Lesley Manville, you can have a great experience when watching them act together since they all are skillful casts.

Whisper Of The Heart – Movies On Netflix Netherlands


Genre: Family, Drama, Animation

The greatest animated studio on earth – Ghibli is credited for many incredible films such as  Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, you name it. And here is another masterpiece from the Studio. 

However, it is sad to say that Whisper of the Heart is one of Ghibli’s most underrated pieces.

Shizuku has to overcome herself to achieve her burning desire to become a writer. When coming to an antique shop, she gets to know a mysterious fellow and his grandfather. They are the motivation for her to look inward and uncover her own creative powers.

This is truly an inspirational movie that will motivate you to listen and follow your heart’s calling.

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