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Must-Watch Movies On Netflix Netherlands (Part 1)

Blockbusters and hot flicks are obviously well-known. But there are plenty of movies that didn’t earn the attention they deserved. So, here we are with the list of must-watch movies on Netflix Netherlands (part 1).

The Trial Of The Chicago – Movies On Netflix Netherlands


Genre: History, Drama, Thriller

Aaron Sorkin is the maker of liberal’s famous political The West Wing, The Social Network. This time, he depicts a sad but true American tale from the mid-last century. 

In 1968, many people across the US went to Chicago to oppose the war in Vietnam at the Democratic National Convention. However, the police here welcomed them in full riot equipment, intentionally hurting the peaceful protesters. Five months after the protest, police arrested eight persons for stirring a riot. 

As the title implies, the movie details the trials that followed. It also highlights the ongoing conflicts within American society such as ineptness, complacency, corruption, and racism.

The Edge Of Democracy


Genre: Documentary

In this documentary, Petra Costa a Brazilian moviemaker depicts her family history with the ongoing journey to democracy of her homeland together.

According to Costa, she has the same age as the nation’s democracy. However, this is not the only reason that inspires Costa to make the film. As left-wing activists, her parents were once arrested because of their beliefs. The tragedy happened despite the fact that Costa’s grandparents played a major part in the enhancement of Brazil’s politics.

Costa describes the death of Rousseff and Luiz Inácio da Silva whose future is still up in the air.

Sorry To Bother You – Movies On Netflix Netherlands


Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Science Fiction

This is a film set in an alternate world in which greed and capitalism are spotlighted. 

The movie tells the story of Cassius who has to deal with many things to make ends meet. One day, during his shift as a telemarketer, an elder strangely had him use a “white voice”. He then surprisingly begins going up in the ranks.

Sorry to bother you has stolen many critics’ hearts. 



Genre: Thriller, Romance, Drama

This is a thriller film which was set in Marseille – an infamous city of crime in France.

After being released from juvenile prison, Zachary learns that his mother has abandoned him. He then finds that he has a relationship with Shéhérazade who is an underage sex worker.

The story seems not way too fit for the audience’s movie taste in general. However, when the flow is low, Shéhérazade is like a romance, and when it’s getting fast, it becomes a crime thriller.

With a great plot and excellent acting from first-time actors, Shéhérazade deserves to be a modern classic.

My Happy Family – Movies On Netflix Netherlands


Genre: Drama

This movie is a masterwork as well as a praise to women who are in their middle age. It is remarkable in the way it depicts characters and the delicacy with which it shares the character’s stories. 

The events focus on a Georgian lady who determines to leave her household to live alone. This 52-year-old woman is the true hero of her own life.

Blue Jay


Genre: Romance, Drama

This is a black-and-white portrayal of an intimate story of two people.

One day, when at a grocery store, Jim accidentally met Amanda – his sweetheart in high school years. 

She is just in town for a while since her sibling is having a newborn. Amanda decides to have coffee with him, and later on, they get beer and chitchat. They also discover cute tapes that they made together at Jim’s late mother’s home. 

The chemistry between the two main actors is something to behold!



Genre: Drama

The first debut of director Houda Benyamina is a fast-paced and lively movie. This movie brought Houda the Camera d’Or award for the debutant at the Cannes Film Festival.

It describes the story of Dounia, a mouthy youngster who is not pleased with what society hand out to her. She got mad because she desired more. And together with Maimouna, her bestie, Dounia decides to earn some cash by working as a runner for a dope dealer. 

This is a thrilling and thought-provoking debut helped along by Amara’s incredible acting.

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