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Kona Brewing – A Tasty Beer In Hawaii You Must Try

When thinking of Hawaii, the pop-ups thought probably is the tropical weather with sunshine and beaches, right? However, there is also good food and drink here. Our post today will show you the iconic Kona Brewing – a tasty beer in Hawaii you must try.

The Origin Of The Beer


The owner of Kona is Craft Brew Alliance. They also hold Widmer Brothers and Red Hook.

Kona Brewing’s first release was in 1994 on the Big Island. It is now still headquartered where the label got its origins in Kailua.

Interesting Facts About The Beer – Kona Brewing In Hawaii


To impress customers, the brand owner decided to name all types of Kona beers after Hawaiian landmarks and legends.

After the brewing operation, people will collect leftover grains to create the pizza dough. They sell it at all the brewpubs on the island.

Unlike other businesses, to operate the brewery on the Big Island, Kona uses solar energy. On average, its roof-mounted solar power system creates about 645 kWh of electricity on a daily basis.

Exclusive Versions


Of course, you can buy Kona all around the mainland, but they also make unique versions of beers that are only available at their brewpub. Plus, they have the interesting Pink Boots Society which is brewed only by women.

The Current Kona Brewing – Kona Brewing In Hawaii


Kona is now in the procedure of constructing a new brewery on the Big Island. This latest facility is close to the older one. It is expected to take up a 30,000-square-foot space and comprise about a 100,000-barrel brewhouse.

Kona will begin releasing for the first time on the island when its new brewery is done. Recently, the beer is merely packed in bottles and kegs in Hawaii proper. 

Craft Brew Alliance now holds breweries in New Hampshire and Oregon that produce Kona.

Where To Buy It?


In fact, besides Mai Tais, Hawaii is famous for its collection of excellent breweries. And the most outstanding one is Kona Brewing. You can easily find it on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Also, they sell this alcoholic drink in the airport bar. Hawaiian has distributed the brewery’s beers to the United States for years. So don’t worry, you can still get a bit of Aloha spirit no matter where you are. But of course, it would be best to enjoy the beer in its homeland.

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