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The Best Dining Experiences On Kauai

A good trip should be featured with good food, right? To make your trip to the tropical paradise even more incredible than you expect, we have suggestions for the best dining experiences on Kauai!

Waipa Foundation’s Farm – Best Dining On Kauai


Hanalei’s location is on the North seaside of Kauai. It is famous for its verdant mountains and vast taro fields.

When coming here, guests must not miss out on their Nourishing Feast. In the late afternoon, there will be a tour guide who take you around the farm. You can learn about Waipa systems to produce sustainable food. 

Then, the event tops with a sit-down dinner ft live music. Chef Eric Purugganan will collect the goods from the ranch and cook a three-course feast. This activity takes place on a porch that overlooks the farm.

This dinner series occurs at 4:30 p.m on the second and fourth Monday monthly. The purpose is to build awareness about Waipa and deliver the message about the way to “live local and eat local”. 

Wailua Shave Ice


Must-try: Love Potion #9

Open for nearly two years, Wailua Shave Ice is one of the in-house-made syrups on the island. They also claim that their shave ice includes absolutely no additives. 

As we suggest above, the shop’s creation Love Potion #9 features fresh ingredients such as strawberries cut on top, strawberry puree, and vanilla bean milk. It’s a wonderful mixture of a strawberry milkshake and sweet vanilla ice cream.

One of the shop’s owners is chef Brandon Baptiste. After his work in New York and California at famous restaurants, he went back to Kauai which is his homeland with a passion to support residents. As a result, he launched Wailua Shave Ice with his friend, Josh Tamaoka.

Pono Market – Best Dining On Kauai


Must-try bestseller: poke bowl

Pono Market is located in Kapaa, not distant from Royal Coconut Coast. It has always been the best favorite spot of the locals since 1986. 

It’s the Kubota family that is the owner of the store. Robert Kubota – the third generation is currently in charge of the business.

The original purpose of running this shop is to serve as a meat market. It then switched to a grocery store that offers full service. And now, due to the economy’s state and the intense competition caused by large businesses, they changed their direction to fish. The store is soon becoming one of the busiest lunch plate locations on the island.

North Shore General Store


This is a gem pleated behind a Chevron Gas Station. It has been serving up reasonable and good food since 2006. 

You may get confused cause the background you’re grabbing a bite of is a gasoline station. However, we ensure that it makes no mistake that the dishes here are top-notch. 

All items that appear on the menu are guaranteed locally sourced and fresh. For example, they use North Shore Kauai Beef for steaks and burgers. Even more amazing are the various kinds of pizzas and calzones. They made them with handmade dough and baked them in a brick oven.

Haraguchi Rice Mill And Taro Farm Tour – Best Dining On Kauai


Since the 1800s, the Haraguchi family has owned the taro farm and the rice museum. Coming here, you will learn about the significance of taro in Hawaiian diets. It is still useful today and known as a classic Polynesian nutrition source.

Lyndsey Haraguchi-Nakayama, a fifth-generation farmer of the family will be your tour guide. Recently, she is the landlord and is in charge of managing both facilities. Tours last about 3 or 4 hours and start in the morning. 

At the Rice Mill, Lyndsey walks guests through the procedure of gathering the grains on machinery. There will be a picnic lunch that awaits guests after their visit to the farm and the mill.

You will have a chance to enjoy the local’s favorite lunch. They collect ingredients directly from the taro farms in order to emphasize the high quality and freshness. Some of the must-try such as  Kalua Pig, Pork Lau Lau, and Chicken Lau Lau.

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