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Mind-Blowing D.ru.g Facts From The Netherlands

The Netherlands is famous for its free and easy legal when it comes to d.ru.gs. But we ensure that you do not know about the matter quite well. So, here we are the mind-blowing d.ru.g facts from the Netherlands.

The Largest X.T.C Producer On The Globe


The Netherlands has always ranked high in regard to producing XTC. 

In 2017, researchers counted that about 1 billion XTC capsules were created in the Netherlands each year. At the same time, Dutch offenders distributed at least € 18.9 billion of amphetamines and ecstasy.

This situation happens partly because of the amazing infrastructure of the Netherlands. The other factor is the Dutch easygoing attitude towards the making and the use of synthetic d.ru.gs.

Also, the Netherlands now has to face the lack of detectives. As a result, the possibilities of getting detected are small.  The punishments for d.ru.g offenses are rather low as well.

Low C.an.na.bis Use – D.ru.g Facts From The Netherlands


People may think that the Dutch tend to be familiar with c.ann.abis. since it is available in every part of the country.

However, research revealed that only 1,6% of the Dutch population often use it regularly. This is about 270,000 individuals of a 17.2 million population in total. 

Coffee Shops Sell Ca.nn.ab.is


In the Netherlands, coffee shops are the places that sell ca.n.nab.is for personal use. This kind of business is accepted by the Dutch authorities.

However, the number of existing coffee shops has significantly declined in Amsterdam in comparison to that in 1993. Back then, the city had over 400 coffee stores that sold cannabis. The capital of the Netherlands has about 164 coffee shops at the moment.

In the Netherlands, it is unlawful to make cannabis for commercial deals. The authority only allows a person to have 5 cannabis plants at most for their own use. Due to this Dutch d.ru.g law, coffee shop runners tend to illegally purchase their cannabis from offenders.

Many D.ru.g Testing Centers – D.ru.g Facts From The Netherlands


The Dutch government established 31 centers for d.ru.g testing purposes. Most of them are in big cities across the country. These centers analyze illegal d.ru.gs’ content such as cocaine,  amphetamines, LSD, MDMA/XTC, etc.

The cost for each test is 2,5 euros. These organizations also offer education about d.ru.gs, their impacts, and their risks.

Free Addiction Treatment Programs


According to the health insurance policy, addiction care is one of the basic offers for every resident. If someone needs help to get rid of addiction, he or she has to pay no fee at all. The Dutch health insurers will reimburse the entire costs after. 

This can apply to clinic admissions as well. The addicted Dutch can come to Jellinek to get treatment. The center provides all kinds of addiction treatments such as cannabis, alcohol, cocaine, sex, gambling, tobacco, gaming, etc

High Co.ca.ine Use – D.ru.g Facts From The Netherlands


In 2017, around 1.8% of the Dutch residents aged above 18 had used cocaine. That is about 250,000 of the total population. This portion is only greater in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Between 2017 and 2018, the ratio of Dutch who tried cocaine at least once rose slightly, from 5.2% to 5.62%. Cocaine consumption on a daily basis in the Netherlands amounts to about 8 to 10 kg.

In contrast, the quantity of problem users is surprisingly falling. Amsterdam alone takes up 4 kg of that.

Low He.ro.in Use


At the beginning of the 1970s, the government found zero heroin addicts across the country. However, in 1980, the number shot up to over 10,000 heroin addicts in Amsterdam and 30,000 in the entire nation. It is a real public health emergency!

At the moment, the number of problematic heroin users is quite low. So, you don’t have to worry when visiting this country.

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