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Is Cannabis Legal In The Netherlands?

Is cannabis legal in the Netherlands? To what extent it is legally used? Let’s take a look at the truth as well as the drug policy in this country.

The Origin Of Such A Thought


Most people’s understanding of the drug policy in the Netherland came from Pulp Fiction’s opening scene.

The character Vincent summarily said that it’s legal to buy, to own, and if you’re the proprietor of a cannabis hash bar, it’s legal to sell it in Amsterdam. It’s still unlawful to carry it everywhere, but since the cops have no right to search you, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

The Actual Truth – Is Cannabis Legal In The Netherlands?


Generally speaking, cannabis isn’t truly legal in the Netherlands. However, it is rather accepted by Dutch regulation enforcement. 

Still, since the 1970s, the laws relevant to consuming cannabis are seldom enforced and this drug has actually been decriminalized.

Back To The Time


In order to ease issues linked with other drugs, people partly decriminalized cannabis. At that time, heroin addiction was a tremendous problem in the Netherlands. And Amsterdam had to face a great impact caused by this serious problem.

Many neighborhoods across the city were notorious for drug trafficking. As a result, the period witnessed high levels of offense. 

Since studies demonstrated that reasonable cannabis use was fairly harmless, the government determined to recategorize the drug. They referred to it as something similar to tobacco or alcohol rather than considering it like harmful substances.

This legislation came into force in 1976. It meant that the police officer finally could concentrate on picking out more harmful drugs instead of minding to enforce the rules relevant to cannabis. 

Things After The Passed Legislation – Is Cannabis Legal In The Netherlands?


Since then, cannabis was becoming more and more normalized in the whole country. In Amsterdam and other bigger cities, in which the hippy trend had taken deep root, people use cannabis even more commonly. 

The first cannabis coffee stores launched in Amsterdam actually years before the legislation had been passed.

Cannabis Use Nowadays


Though the cannabis regulations have altered as years go by, the Dutch government has still continued to execute drug policies. The act mainly aims to decrease harm and keep the peace instead of punishing users. 

However, verified cannabis suppliers such as coffee shops must follow specific codes to avoid sanctions. They also have to serve under bizarrely contradictory rules. For instance, it is still unlawful to make, sell or purchase big portions of cannabis. It means that coffee shop owners have to buy their stock from illegal sources, but they then are permitted to sell it to consumers in smaller packs.

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