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How To Have The Best Cheese Experience In Gouda, Netherlands?

Gouda is a Dutch cow’s milk cheese that is sweet, creamy, and yellow. It is among the most consumed cheeses in the world. The word is still used today to refer to a variety of cheeses that are made in the same way traditionally in the Netherlands. This will serve as your step-by-step manual for the best cheese experiences in Gouda and other well-known cheese markets in the Netherlands, including Gouda, Alkmaar, Edam, etc.

What is the origin of Gouda cheese?


One of the earliest known cheeses in the world that is continuously produced today, Gouda cheese was first mentioned in a document in 1284. In Dutch culture, manufacturing cheese was traditionally a woman’s job, with farmers’ wives teaching their daughters how to make it. A typical cheese market is held once a week in the summer in the city of Gouda, South Holland, largely as a tourist attraction. Today, the majority of Dutch gouda is produced industrially. Nevertheless, over 300 Dutch farmers continue to make boerenkaas (“farmer’s cheese”), a protected kind of Gouda made the old-fashioned way with unpasteurized milk.

Not because it was made in or near that city, but rather because it was traded there, the cheese has the name of the master of Gouda. Dutch cities had the ability to acquire specific feudal privileges that gave them the monopoly or absolute dominance over particular goods during the Middle Ages.

How and how can you store Gouda cheese?


Gouda cheese can be stored for up to 10 days when it is fresh and for 15 days to 3 weeks when it is past its prime. We advise placing it in an airtight bow in the refrigerator to preserve its freshness and ensure an exceptional flavor. In a perfect world, it would be better to wrap it in cheese maker’s paper first. These instructions will allow you to store your gouda for approximately 15 days without any issues or taste changes.

But exercise caution! This cheese loses flavor more quickly the longer you wait to eat it. Don’t leave it in the fridge alone for too long!

How to cut gouda cheese?


Gouda cheese’s distinctive orange color makes it a wonderful accent to a lovely cheese platter. It gives the image some color and some zing. Furthermore, as far as we are aware, it is a cheese that is typically well-liked by most people.

We advise using a sharp knife without teeth to cut gouda effectively. When slicing this cheese, it is essential to adhere to the heart-rind principle. Naturally, if you enjoy this dairy product, you are free to cut it into traditional pieces. The guiding principle is still to treat yourself well while entertaining others.

The Gouda cheese market is the most interesting experience


The famed Gouda Cheese is still created the old-fashioned way today in the polders surrounding the town, where the cows that supply the cheese with its milk each day may be seen grazing. The cheese is transported by the farmers from the polders to the cheese market in the city center of Gouda. The Gouda Cheese Market draws numerous tourists from all over the world each year.

When you go to the Gouda Cheese Market, which was founded in 1395, you’ll feel as though you’ve traveled back in time. Farmers stack the unique Gouda cheese wheels they had delivered by horse and cart on the ground before selling them in the old-fashioned way in front of Gouda’s lovely old City Hall. Each sale is confirmed by the farmers and dealers “clapping hands” in what can only be described as a theatrical performance. From April to August, Thursday mornings are dedicated to the Gouda Cheese Market (excluding national public holidays).


Gouda may be readily reached from Utrecht, Rotterdam, and The Hague because to its prime location in the lush South Holland region. Travel time by vehicle and public transportation is only 30 minutes. Gouda is located roughly 45 minutes from Amsterdam. Enter the city center by exiting the train station. On the outskirts of the inner city, one of the underground parking garages is a simple place to leave your automobile. Joining this market will be your best cheese experience in Gouda.

Other Markets for Dutch Cheese

Alkmaar cheese market


Every Friday and Tuesday, the most well-known Dutch cheese market is held in Alkmaar, North Holland. Train travel from Amsterdam to this cheese market takes about 30 to 45 minutes. It is one of the nation’s oldest and most established cheese markets. Additionally, it is a spectacle of cheese carriers transporting goods while being surrounded by an arts and crafts fair. Real Dutch poffertjes, herring, farm cheese, a clog maker, and many more things are available here.

There are numerous methods to take in Alkmaar’s environment. For instance, you can take a two-hour guided tour that includes a stroll through the historic cheese market and the medieval city center. Choose a lovely piece of cheese to savor on the way home while learning about the town’s history and the market’s development over time.

Woerden cheese market


Every Saturday morning, farmers from the neighborhood bring their cheese to the market in Woerden, a tiny town close to Utrecht. From Utrecht, it takes around 15 minutes, and from Amsterdam, it takes about 40 minutes. You will see something extremely significant at the cheese market in Woerden: the prices set here affect the price of Dutch Farmers’ Cheese (boerenkaas) on a national scale.

The weekly cheese market in Woerden offers a lot to see. This entails a cheese tasting program and an hour-long “tableau vivant.” In August, there is a historical cheese market where people dress up and deliver cheese to the market by horse and cart. Grass Cheese Day is another great event that happens during the summer. Don’t miss the Woerden cheese song or the farmers’ and traders’ tug-of-war at day’s end.

Edam cheese market


Nearby Amsterdam is an actual old Dutch city called Edam. Every Wednesday morning in July and August, a traditional reenactment is held at the cheese market, making it a fun day out. Horse-drawn carts and boats are used to transport cheese to the market.

You can get to the Edam cheese market from Amsterdam in approximately 30 minutes via bus. The village is also beautiful to tour on foot or by bicycle.

Here are some guides to help you get the best cheese experience in Gouda. I hope you enjoy it!

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