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A Family In South Africa Shocked Because 6 Lions Entered Their Deck House

A family was shocked because six lions entered their deck house. These big cats look as comfortable as their home!

When a couple in South Africa went to check on a property, they were greeted by some unexpected visitors: a family of lions sunning themselves on the deck.

David De Beer and his wife Mariska were taken aback when they discovered six large cats lounging on the patio.

The squatter lions were unconcerned at first but were startled by the sound of the door closing as they entered the house.

The big cats have eventually been seen padding off into the garden in Hoedspruit.

David, the owner of Davon Construction, stated that he and Mariska arrived at his father’s house on the Leadwood Estate to inspect the property that is for sale, only to discover that “someone has already moved in.”

The couple didn’t seem to bother the squatter lions at first, but they eventually entered and padded off into the house’s garden in Hoedspruit.

Social media users envious of the couple’s close encounter commented on footage of the lions shot inside the house.

‘We need that kind of garden!’ ‘Wonderful beasts,’ wrote user Ross Goldsworthy.

Shelley-Anne Dean, another user, joked, ‘Great guard dogs…can feed themselves, zero maintenance…zero burglaries.’

Devin Dawson sympathized with the couple’s predicament, writing, ‘My God, what can you do here?’ ‘Talk about an annoyance.’


The house is located on the Leadwood Big Game Estate, where homes are said to sell for less than £100,000.

The estate claims that big cats roam freely across 5,500 hectares (13,590 acres) of unspoiled bushveld between the Kruger National Park and the Blyde River Canyon. Therefore, it is not uncommon for lions to enter the house or see them wandering on the street.

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