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Lavender Farms In Tasmania: 5 Beautiful Spots For The Best Photos

Visiting lavender farms in Tasmania should be at the top of your hit list if you want to have a truly unforgettable experience in Tasmania. Try to visit at least one of Tasmania’s lavender fields, from seeing the stunning purple rows of lavender to tasting delicious lavender products and bringing home souvenir lavender products. Here are the five best spots to see Lavender farms in Tasmania, like Bridestowe lavender estate, Port Arthur Lavender, Tasmazia, and more.

The Best Time To Visit

It’s best to plan your road trip for the Southern Summer, which runs from December to early February. Fields of lavender Tasmania season is unquestionably a popular time to visit this Australian island state, with many visitors in search of aromatic fields!

The lavender farm season in Tasmania varies slightly depending on temperature and rainfall, but you should find that December and January are the two best months to visit, with lavender fields standing tall, brilliant in color, and swaying dramatically in the breeze.

Lavender Farms In Tasmania: 5 Beautiful Spots

Campo de Flori Tasmania


Campo de Flori, which translates as “Field of Flowers” in Italian, is a stunning piece of Tasmanian wilderness high in the Huon Valley mountains. This sprawling 52-acre farm carved out of the bush in 2010, is a four-season delight as the owners have bundled the aromatic delights of saffron, fragrant lavender, and olive oil into beautifully created artisan products and ceramics – all made on this working farm.

Visit in January-February to see the lavender flowers (four varieties are grown) or throughout the year to see the different crops. Summer is lavender, berries, and garlic; autumn is saffron; late autumn to winter is olives. Tours include Huon Valley lavender tea and lavender biscuits, or on a hot day, sparkling lavender lemonade and lavender & honey ice cream!

This boutique farm offers dramatic vistas, fresh air, and – seasonally – the wonderful aroma of lavender, with views out across the snow-capped Hartz mountains and overlooking the Glen Huon Valley and Huon River. A truly magnificent oasis off the beaten path.

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Bridestowe Lavender Estate Tasmania


Bridestowe lavender estate in Tasmania is the world’s largest lavender farm. It’s no surprise that this is one of Tasmania’s most popular lavender farms, open all year except for Christmas Day!

If Mother Nature cooperates, the best time to visit is from mid-December to mid-January, but you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this Tasmania farm all year. This is iconic Tasmanian countryside, with Mount Arthur, native bushland, and ornamental gardens in the background. While taking in the views, enjoy a delicious coffee or a freshly prepared meal made with seasonal ingredients at the on-site Woodcroft Cafe.

Then you can walk among the curving rows of sweet-scented flowers or see the harvested purple buds baking in the sun, ready to be distilled into world-class lavender products. Guided tours are available and can be useful during harvesting times or if you want to learn more about oil distillation.

Visitors can enjoy the changing seasons of this working farm outside of the full-bloom season by taking a self-guided tour to learn about the farm’s history and cultivation process. You are free to wander the extensive gardens and fields while enjoying the quieter months. Simply pick up a self-guided tour sheet and keep an eye out for wildlife, as the estate’s lush native vegetation covers half of it, so there’s plenty to see!

Self-drive, via their return day shuttle service (giving approximately 3 hours at the farm), by booking a seat on Tasmania Coachlines Lavender Farm Bus Tour (operating twice a day between Launceston and Bridestowe Dec-Apr), or for larger groups, a variety of private half and full-day tours are offered by local tour companies.

Port Arthur Lavender Farm Tasmania


Every year, 16,000 lavender plants are hand-harvested, distilled, or made into handmade products… Making Port Arthur Farm the human touch in lavender cultivation! Six generations of family ownership have resulted in employees who are enthusiastic about Tasmania, its products, and the future of lavender.

This Tas lavender farm is 7 hectares (18 acres) of purple flowers that overlook the ocean at Long Bay and is nestled within rainforests and lakes. Around 50,000 lavender plants are grown, with 12 varieties grown for their specific culinary or aromatic qualities.

Take the free self-guided lavender farm Port Arthur tour, which includes interactive displays that explain the farming processes, the opportunity to observe the distilling process firsthand (seasonal), and a video that explains the full range of Port Arthur Farm products.

Lavender flowers are typically in bloom from December to February, with mid-December being mentioned as possibly the best time to wander their lavender trails as they often have early bloomers in Port Arthur.

Lavender House Tasmania


The lavender fields of Rowella are located at the northern end of the Tamar Valley, which is best known for its aromatic wines. Lavender House, founded in 1991, was an innovative niche business that grew from the owner’s passion for lavender, as well as an interest in the natural therapeutic values of herbs.

The gallery and working perfumery are undoubtedly the focal points here, but because Lavender House grows over 70 species and varieties of lavender, this is also a destination for anyone looking to wander or photograph fields of flowers.

There’s an added bonus in that you can flower plants from September to May, making this an alternative to other options if you can’t visit between December and February.

However, as of 2022, many of the lavender plants are showing signs of wear and are being replanted, and the lavender fields are being expanded and landscaped. So, while you may be disappointed, for the time being, expect even greater things in the coming years.

There are no guided tours here, but you are free to explore the fields, the perfumery area, and the large gift shop at your leisure. You can try free product samples, chat with knowledgeable staff about all things lavender, and browse the extensive range of herbal well-being goodies, which includes unusual items like bushwalkers foot cream, lavender facial spritzers, and, of course, lashings of lavender tea! The selection is truly impressive, and the staff is happy to assist you with your purchases.

Tasmazia And The Village Of Lower Crackpot Tasmania


This lavender farm is part of a much larger, quirky attraction located in Tasmania’s beautiful Cradle Mountain and Lakes District region.

Tasmazia and The Village Of Lower Crackpot have a lot to offer both adults and children. However, there is a lovely working lavender farm at the front of the property. With the magnificent backdrop of Mt Roland, this is yet another scenic lavender spot you won’t want to miss!

Around 10,000 lavender plants glow with their signature purple hues when they bloom at their peak in January. The onsite shop sells lavender products such as soap and essential oils.

There are many other activities and attractions in Tasmazia & The Village of Lower Crackpot, so you can plan a half or full day’s visit, taking in the lavender farm before exploring the 8 or so mazes (including one of the world’s largest botanical mazes), the pancake parlour, model village, and more!

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