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How To Have Safe Travel In Canada?

According to statistics, many people have searched for the keyword “travel Canada“. It’s because Canada has been becoming a tourist attraction recently. If you are one of them, our post “Safe Travel Canada: Crime Rates, Tourist Scams, Harsh Weather And Other Things You Should Know” is indeed for you.

Is Canada Safe To Visit? – Safe Travel Canada


Generally speaking, Canada is a very safe place not only to travel but also to live. The country has extremely low crime rates. The public health system is well-developed. When visiting Canada, you should exercise caution and stick to public health advisories.

Canada is famous for being a “rule of law nation”. It means it takes a respectful, diplomatic approach to tourists of any nationality, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation.

Yet, your main safety considerations here should be weather-related. To tell you the truth, winter in Canada is no joke. At the same time, summer bushfires have become more of a familiar thing in the better parts of the nation.

Tourist Scams In Canada


Though tourist scams appear to be fairly low, there are still things you have to watch out for.

The very first scam, pickpockets, is clearly as old as time itself. This crook will take action when you let your guard down on crowded streets. So, remember to always keep your wallet close and firmly.

Be cautious of street petitions when traveling to Canada as well. Not all street petitions here are outright scammy, however, scammers will take advantage to get your personal information such as your phone number or email address. 

Then, they will conduct further serious scams attempting to steal your money. As a result, it’s better to keep yourself away from signing any street petitions.

Another common scam you might encounter in Canada is phone call scams. During your stay here, be careful with strange calls to your Canadian SIM card. It could be scammer’s phone calls asking for prepaid cards or personal information. If you appear to get one, just decline it right away.

Weather In Canada – Safe Travel Canada


As we mentioned above, the weather is the most significant thing to be concerned about when traveling to Canada. And of course, it still depends on the time and places you choose to go to. We listed a few things for you to look out for.

Firstly, you should be careful when driving. Snow in the winter can make driving fairly unsafe. If you intend to travel from November to March, let’s check both driving conditions and possible snow storms in advance.

The second thing that’s worth your concern is temperature. During wintertime, temperatures can drop below -20°C. Meanwhile, during summertime, it can shoot up to between 30°C and 40°C.

Thirdly, the wildfires. Dry and hot summers in recent years have led to an ever-increasing amount of bushfires in Canada. These bushfires have generated smoky conditions throughout the country. So, stay aware of ongoing wildfires during your trip.

Travel Canada: Top Safety Tips


First and foremost, research in advance the crime rates of your destinations. This is even more important if you plan to travel alone. Though Canada has fairly low crime rates, it’s best to research beforehand. This is just a simple thing to do but it can help you avoid sticky situations.

Then, let’s learn how to commute on road. You know that road rules are different between countries, right? Whether you intend to hire a car or merely walk, you probably don’t want to be fined without a clue. Even public transit rules in each Canadian province seem to have a slight difference. So, it’s inevitable to know Canadian road rules.

The third thing is to be cautious when you’re in the wildlife. Canada, especially wilderness regions and parks, is home to animals of all shapes and sizes. The common ones you can see here such as whales, caribou, moose, elk, bears, etc. They hardly attack people, however, there are still risks when they feel threatened. As a result, try to avoid animal encounters when you’re not in the company of a professional guide.

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