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Australian National Dishes You Must Try Once In Your Life

How much traditional Australian food you’ve tasted? Are there any in our list of “Australian national dishes you must try once in your life”?



Lamington is an Aussie‘s best-loved cake. It’s even on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s top list of Australian national dishes, besides Aussie Meat Pies and Vegemite. 

This soft sponge square has a chocolate coat on top and is rolled in desiccated coconut. To bring out its excellent flavor, don’t forget to fill it with a jam or cream layer between the two halves.

People say that the invention of Lamington might come from Queensland. Its first appearance as a recipe was in the Queensland Country Life newspaper in 1900.

You can have a taste of this fluffy cake from pretty much anywhere around Australia.

Meat Pies – Australian National Dishes


In accordance with historians, the first time pies arrived Australia is with the European colonists. This kind of pie was on Sydney’s first official banquet menu. This was a feast to celebrate the birthday of the King in June 1788.

There is no required place or time to taste this iconic traditional Australian food. A road trip through lovely towns, playing outdoor games, or just a picnic day is an ideal occasion to taste meat pies.



The biscuit lane in the Australian supermarket is always full of savory and sweet treats. However, the iconic Tim Tam has ever been atop many a person’s checklists of choices.

Tim Tam’s first appearance in the biscuit market was in 1964. Just a bite of these is a lesson in exquisite chocolatey goodness. 

In fact, Aussies consume approximately 45 million biscuit packets per year. And the biscuit factory in Western Sydney makes 3,000 pieces per minute. That’s quite a massive amount of Tim Tams.

Or else, you can try another nostalgic biscuit, Wagon Wheels. This is a perfect mixture of biscuits, chocolate, marshmallow, and jam. Wagon Wheels are a staple in the lunchbox of school for many generations.

Vegemite – Australian National Dishes


This traditional Australian food goes deeper than just culinary dignity. It indeed represents the national character.

The most popular use of vegemite is to spread it on toast with lashings of butter. Each person has their own way to enjoy the food. Some love to cover toast thick and to the edges, and some just spread it sparingly. Some eat it with a slice of cheese, and many others mix it with avocado. 

Whatever the way Aussies use to eat vegemite, it’s still one of the best favored Australian national dishes. And it’s kinda difficult to imagine the Aussies without it.

Bush Tucker


In fact, Indigenous Australians had made their own national cuisine long before the European occupation. The land around provides Indigenous Australians with a variety of flavors.

To be honest, traditional bush tucker’s ingredients are diverse. It could include numerous kinds of native fruits such as humble quandong, riberries, rosellas, and Kakadu plums. Or dessert with nutty, fat witchetty grub and honey ants. Or sometimes it consists of wild animals such as kangaroo and crocodile.

These Australian national dishes show you firsthand insight into a slice of facets of this antique culture.

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