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Don’t Miss The Best Upcoming Food Festivals In Amsterdam 2022 And 2023

In terms of flavors, Amsterdam is a melting pot of many cultures. View the list of upcoming food festivals 2022 and 2023 in and around Amsterdam such as TAPT Festival, Pure Markt, Bacchus Winefestival.

Amsterdam Wine Festival


This year’s Amsterdam Wine Festival returns with an additional day to showcase rare bottles and connect with even more winemakers. At Westergas in Amsterdam, experience the harvest season in the Northern Hemisphere by immersing yourself in the world of wine.

The Romans were well aware of what would occur if you combined drinking alcohol, listening to music, and having fun. Enjoy the finest Northern hemisphere wines at the Amsterdam Wine Festival while listening to live music performed by bands from the wine-producing regions, playing petanque, and much more. Children are welcome to participate, but there is also much for adults to do. You may easily pay with your debit or credit card at all (wine) bars because this is a card-only event. This festival will take place at Westergas in April 24, 2022.

TAPT Festival – Amsterdam West 2022 – Upcoming Food Festival 2022


And wasn’t it about time? Amsterdam, is it ready? It’s time to toast to life once more with your best pals! TAPT Festival West in Amsterdam! An excellent party for SurpriseWeekend. With plenty of fine beers, wine, delectable fare, fun activities, lounging in the grass, and a huge party! Are you also attending?

TAPT Festival… A fun weekend surprise! Where you may learn, taste, dine, play games, dance, unwind and make new friends at Amsterdam West’s Rembrandtpark. Babies and dogs are regrettably not permitted at TAPT Festival Amsterdam West, an 18+ event and a PIN ONLY event. The Rembrandtpark will host this food festival in September 2022.

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Pure Markt – Upcoming Food Festival 2022


Get your groceries for the house, relax on a terrace in one of Amsterdam’s most picturesque parks, enjoy the live music, or ride the carousel while sampling the offerings.

The Pure Markt is getting back to how it used to look. Good food and beverages, unique non-food, terraces, music, and a lot of entertainment. Beverages, baked goods, bubbles, oysters, plants, gifts, beer, and hamburgers. More than 90 artisan business owners in the fields of delectable foods and beverages, as well as a unique selection of non-food, are available to you through The Pure Markt. You can buy clean products on the market that are offered by the manufacturers themselves. You can ask them about the ingredients, place of origin, and manufacturing procedure.

A mobile Sunday market called The Pure Markt exists. Three permanent, environmentally friendly, and automobile-free locations in Amsterdam host the market. Occasionally, the market can be found, for instance, in Hilversum on a unique shopping street. Watch for the food festival to reveal all at the Diverse Lokaties from September to December 2022.

Amsterdam Coffee Festival Upcoming Food Festival 2023


Over 100 artist roasters, equipment manufacturers, gourmet food stalls, and other vendors are frequently present at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival. The top baristas in Europe are expected to give courses and tastings, and Dutch and foreign artists will perform live music and exhibit their artwork. Whatever you decide to do, the day will conclude with you buzzing.

The Amsterdam Coffee Festival is the ideal occasion for coffee enthusiasts, with more than 100 artisan roasters, makers of equipment, and gourmet food vendors. Attend a lesson led by some of Europe’s top baristas, order some drinks with coffee as the inspiration, and take in live entertainment, art, and music. In that case, be ready for the Amsterdam Coffee Festival if you enjoy a decent cup of java. Watch for the festival to reveal all at the Westergas in March or April 2023.

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Rolling Kitchens


Numerous food trucks and mobile kitchens set up shop in Westergas for the free Rolling Kitchens food festival to form one giant open-air restaurant. The variety of cuisines on offer at this well-attended event, which includes everything from Thai specialties to Mediterranean tapas and Texan BBQ, will keep you occupied for hours just by wandering around. There are a ton of bars providing cocktails, wine, beer, and a variety of soft and healthy beverages in addition to the incredible selection of cuisine.

Each spring, during the (long) holiday weekend surrounding Ascension Day, hundreds of food trucks and mobile kitchens congregate at this gourmet festival at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam’s west to form a massive open-air dining area! Every appetite may be satisfied at Rolling Kitchens, where the menu features everything from delectable seafood to fresh Italian pizza. Choose your favorite meal from the festival-sized smorgasbord, pick up your order, and eat outside under the sun or stars because the event lasts well into the night. The food at Rolling Kitchens is created to satisfy even the pickiest palates while remaining inexpensive and cheerful, and there is no cover charge. Free entrance and the fact that our vibrant bars don’t use plastic are still positive aspects of the event.

Your first purchased glass is yours to keep at Rolling Kitchen, which is a PIN-ONLY event. It is open from 13:00 to 23:00 at Rolling Kitchens. From Amsterdam Central Station or the nearest tram stop, the Westergas is a 30-minute walk away. Additionally, there are venues where bands play for enthusiastic crowds that want to dance off some of the delicacies they’ve consumed throughout the day. As the event lasts well into the evening, you can also eat outside under the sun or the stars. The Westergas will host this food festival in May 2023.

Taste of Amsterdam – Upcoming Food Festival 2023


The Amstelpark is transformed into Taste of Amsterdam every year for three days of cuisine, drink, and entertainment. With tastings, workshops, music, and a food market, the park transforms into a haven for foodies. A festival to lick your fingers, in other words.

The Amstelpark will once more serve as the meeting point for upcoming and seasoned chefs in 2023, who will invite guests to sample their trademark dishes. The top chefs and kitchens in Amsterdam will be gathered for Taste of Amsterdam, giving you the chance to sample their cuisine.

Discover the culinary diversity of Amsterdam’s eateries by choosing little, elegant appetizers rather than big servings. At the same time, listening to music and savoring a fine glass of wine or a specialty beer. Follow a wine tasting, feast your eyes on a cooking demonstration by one of the most well-known Dutch chefs, or attend a masterclass. At Taste of Amsterdam, dogs and other animals are not permitted. This food festival will occur at Amstelpark in June 2023.

Bacchus Winefestival


In June 2023, the Bacchus Winefestival should return for two weekends. A wine festival is Bacchus’ retaliation against the Amsterdamse Bos in Amstelveen. The Bacchus Winefestival offers a wide variety of mobile caterers, live music, DJs, and wines from all over the world.

To provide a wide selection of wines, the Bacchus Winefestival partners with a number of renowned wine shops from Amsterdam and the surrounding area. With a diverse selection of live bands and DJs, they are presented in a genuine festival setting.

The schedule is made to appeal to both novices and experts: the “wijnlokaal” will conduct wine seminars and lectures, food booths and restaurants will provide a variety of culinary combinations, and sommeliers will expose guests to the fascinating world of wine. This food festival will occur at Het Amsterdamse Bos in June 2023, dates and times mentioned are subject to change.

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