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A Cute Quokka Absolutely Captivated By A Juggler

A cute quokka completely captivated by an Aussie juggler. The little native creature, commonly known as a short-tailed scrub wallaby, was observed hopping closer to the juggler and closely watching the stones. The fuzzy marsupial then extended a paw to collect the flying stones before the guy bowed respectfully to his audience.


The video was posted to Reddit, where it garnered hundreds of comments from viewers who were captivated by the adorable illustration of Australian fauna.

One commenter remarked, “I adore the hand gesture the quokka is doing as if it could truly catch what the guy is juggling.”

Another said, “Holy quokkamole, that’s a fantastic trick.”

A third said, “One of the coolest and prettiest animals in the earth.”

The video captured the moment that a cute quokka absolutely captivated by a juggler.

Only a small portion of southern Western Australia is home to cute quokkas, which are primarily found on Rottnest Island. However, smaller populations can also be found on the mainland and Bald Island. Due to their limited habitat, they are classified as vulnerable species.

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As there are no foxes or cats among their natural predators on the islands, they are unafraid of people, making them a well-liked tourist attraction. However, there are severe penalties if you are seen petting or feeding one, and foreign visitors risk being expelled if they harm the animals.
Quokkas started to draw more attention in the 2010s after they were featured in several popular viral selfies. Celebrities like Margot Robbie and Chris Hemsworth took pictures with the animals, which increased tourism in the area.

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