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Canadian YouTubers With More Than 1 Million Subscribers

Get bored of political news that occupies your TV channels? Let’s find out the famous Canadian Youtubers with more than 1 million subscribers in Canada and choose one to follow in order to vary your Internet surfing experience.

Evan Fong – Canadian YouTubers


Now: 25.7 subscribers

Evan Fong has always been one of the best YouTubers in Canada. His channel VanossGaming creates gaming videos in a montage style. 

Though growing up in Toronto, Evan Fong is of Asian descent.  He specialized in economics in university but dropped out later to run after YouTube as a permanent job.

In 2015, he got 10 million subscribers and signed an agreement with Jetpak. His content even has brought him 2 prize nominations, Innovation for Gaming and a Shorty award for Tech. He started to gain more attention after 2015 as his Youtube channel continually kept developing.

Evan Fong has said that his success might be because people appreciate the authentic content from normal people since it is kind of relatable to them. 

Lilly Singh


Now: 14.7 subscribers

Lilly Singh was born in Scarborough, Ontario. She started her YouTube career in 2010. After 6 years, the Forbes list of the globe’s highest-paid YouTubers honored her name. Specifically, Lilly Singh ranked 3rd in the list.

Lilly is one of the most influential comedians and has constantly enhanced her brand. She has gained strings of prizes for her outstanding job on YouTube such as the People’s Choice Award, MTV Fandom Awards, and Teen Choice Awards.

For your information, Lilly Singh is now the Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF. She ran a campaign named “GirlLove” in order to stop girl-on-girl bullying. She often produces parodies content on important topics around the globe.

Lauren Riihimaki – Canadian YouTubers


Now: 8.51 million subscribers

She is also the host of one of the most favored DIY online channels around the world. She began creating DIY tutorial videos as a junior at Toronto University.

Lauren Riihimaki received a Shorty Award and Streamy Award for her contribution to the Youtube community. She also owns another channel named LaurDIYVlogs. This channel is mainly about her activities on a daily basis. 

She also created her web series called Served by LaurDIY, which premiered on Facebook Watch. Her innovative videos have sparked interest and charmed a large number of audiences.

He uploaded the first video on YouTube in 2014. The channel witnessed incredible development in 2017.

Simply Nailogical


Now: 7,62 million subscribers

The Simply Nailogical channel mainly concentrates on creating nail art and videos with a humor theme. She is, surprisingly, a Canadian crime statistics analyst and a former offspring actress.

Simply Nailogical was born in Richmond Hill, Ontario. She owns 4 YouTube channels namely “SimplyPodLogical Highlights”, “Simply Nailogical”, “SimplyPodLogical”, and “Simply Not Logical”. Each of them focuses on a specific kind of content. 

Before running her Youtube channel in 2014, the Simply Nailogical owner gained a master’s degree in sociology. She originally created brief nail art videos which were often of less than 2 minutes but she then decided to vary the channel with more videos.

Matthew Santoro – Canadian YouTubers


Now: 6.16 million subscribers

Matthew Santoro is a famous YouTuber and a popular influencer on social media due to his listing videos. His channel has gained massive popularity and has more than 1 billion views collectively. 

Yet, he has also begun to upload videos on other media channels such as TikTok, where he is more prevalent.

His widespread listing videos mainly have attractive titles. For example, “10 Extremely BIZARRE Phobias People have!” or “10 FORBIDDEN Places you’re Not Allowed to Visit!”.

Besides infographic contents, Matthew also bravely talks about his personal life. He once created a video where he talked about his fight with depression. Matthew graduated with a master’s degree in Accountancy. Unluckily, in 2012, he lost his job. Then, he decided to make YouTube videos.

Matthew Santoro becomes one of the best Canadian YouTubers because of his ability to follow trends. 

Kurtis Conner


Now: 3.98 million subscribers

Kurtis Conner embarked on his Youtube journey in 2013. He first attended Hunter College in Toronto and found his passion in making videos after that. Kurtis uploaded his brief clips on Vine – the widespread platform at that time. 

He also accomplished stand-up shows and toured across Canada and released “Cuppla Jokes” – his comedy album. The album then reached the top place on iTunes and ranked 6th on the comedy charts of Billboard. 

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