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Top 5 Dutch Series To Binge-Watch On Netflix

The online streaming platform Netflix has become the most popular “window to the outside world” due to its global offering. If you’re curious about the go-to series of the Dutch, here is the list of the top 5 Dutch series to binge-watch on Netflix!

Penoza – Dutch Series On Netflix


Have you ever been in a situation in which you think you understand a guy, but it suddenly turns out, he’s a totally different person? Well, that’s what the main character of “Penoza” had to suffer in the hot Dutch series. 

Carmen van Walraven-de Rue (starring with Monic Hendrickx) is a widow since her husband passed away. One day, she discovers the truth that her husband is still alive and he is even in charge of a criminal organization. She now has to hide away, and more importantly, find ways to protect her beloved family. However, this world is far more frightening than she could have ever thought. 

The chasing game won’t let you leave your screen even for a minute!



Because of its biblical meaning, the word or the name “Judas” has become identical to disloyalty. And this concept best summarizes what the Dutch series “Judas” on Netflix is now delivering. 

The show follows the life of Willem Holleeder, one of the most notorious crime bosses in the Netherlands. The story mainly tracks what his sister wrote in the book. The journey started from the modest beginning of Holleeder to his deterioration into a life of offense. 

So, where is the betrayal in this story? Some say that it’s Holleeder who betrayed his homeland. Another suppose it’s his sister who betrayed him by composing the book. 

Ares – Dutch Series On Netflix


Don’t you feel that the Netherlands is such a mysterious land? Of course, from the view of an outsider, this country looks like a  free and easy place with gorgeous windmills and wooden clogs. Actually, there is a dark side to everything.

With regards to this series, “Ares” act out this to a tee. The leading character Rosa is a young and lovely junior student specializing in medicine in Amsterdam. Besides focusing on her studies, she also takes part in a private society named “Ares”. However, little does the girl know, that there’s much more just to being in this “community” than what holds her gaze!

This newly Dutch series has made the scariest finale sequence of 2020. Ares will satisfy horror movie buffs, we ensure!



Although “Undercover” is not a solely Dutch show, and actually, it’s set in Belgium, the series still has become so widespread in the Netherlands. So, we decided to put it on the list.

A crime thriller describes the story of 2 confidential agents who pretend to be campers in a camping place that’s often visited by a drug bigwig. This is a true story based on real-life events. The agents willingly put their lives at risk in order to enter the head honcho’s illegal organizations. 

The series gets more thrilling with each new episode. Will they make a go for it and arrest the bad guy? Let’s watch the series to discover!

Tabula Rasa – Dutch Series On Netflix


If you need more proof about the dark side of the Netherlands, you should follow their “Tabula Rasa” series on Netflix.

A young woman wakes in a hospital with no remembrance of how she reached there. Then, she becomes a primary witness and the prime suspect for the vanish of a man she was last caught with. As the police forbid her from quitting the place, she knows that she has to find the truth herself. 

How is this young woman reconstruct her recollections to clear her name? Watch the series and find out!

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