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Bram Stoker: The Dracula Author Who Never Gives Up

“Dracula” captivated the attention of the world by the time it was released. The novel became a hit due to its Gothic horror theme. But how much do you know about its author who is Irish? Let’s follow the life of Bram Stoker: The Dracula author who never gives up.

The Childhood Days – Bram Stoker Dracula Author


Bram Stoker was born in the coastal suburb of Dublin in 1847. Since childhood, he had to face an illness that made him bedridden. The ailment haunted Bram until he aged 7. 

However, despite the hardship, he trained so hard to become an amazing athlete in his later life. He played rugby and even got an award in weight lifting. During his time at Trinity College, people even called him the “Athletic Champion of Dublin”.

Ambitions In Writing


In 1870, Bram Stoker graduated with a B.A. in Mathematics. He kept up his job in the civil service in Dublin Castle, in which he worked as a college student.

At the same time, his desire to write was continuously growing. In 1879, he composed a book named “The Duties of Clerks of Petty Sessions in Ireland”. This is a non-fiction reference genre for public sector workers. He also took up an unpaid position as theater critic for the Dublin Evening Mail newspaper.

The First Book – Bram Stoker Dracula Author


Stoker released his first novel “The Primrose Path” in 1875. The Shamrock, an Irish weekly magazine chose the novel as a serial. 

Based on what he learned and experienced in the theatre, Stoker built the plot of a theatrical woodworker who moves from Dublin to London with his wife to seek a new job. The main character then succumbs to alcohol and murders his wife. 

Soon after the publishing of the novel, the author’s life took the same, but gratefully much less dark, turn.

Relocate To London


In 1876, Stoker watched a production at Dublin’s Theatre Royal of Henry Irving Hamlet, a manager, and actor. He decided to meet Irving at the Shelbourne Hotel, starting a life-long companionship. 

Two years later, after marrying Florence Balcombe, Stoker relocated to London and started to work at the Lyceum Theatre of Irving in the West End. Stoker became Irving’s personal assistant. They had a strong close-knit relationship.  In 1879, when Stoker and Florence had their first as well as the only son, they even named him Irving Noel Thornley Stoker.

Writing Career – Bram Stoker Dracula Author


Stoker still pursued his writing despite working long hours for Irving. He published a collection of fairy stories for children in 1881. After that, in 1890, he released the second book, “The Snake’s Pass”.

People say that Stoker haven spent 7 and even more, about 10 years studying and composing his masterpiece Dracula. The story is about the main character – the vampire Count Dracula who tries to broaden vampirism in England. 

The novel contains newspaper clippings, imaginary diary entries, and other records which counted to its popularity and credibility. Although it wasn’t the very first fiction about vampirism, it defined the current view of a vampire in the 20th century, when movie adaptations of the fiction were published.

Later Life


After the death of Irving in 1905, a heavy-hearted Stoker wrote a biography with two volumes about his idol as well as his beloved friend. He published the book in 1906. 

He still kept up writing novels and operated thriving productions at the Prince of Wales Theatre. Bram Stoker died in 1912, after a string of strokes. People rumored that he had died because of syphilis, but no one know the truth. Others say that he actually died from overburden. 

Back in the day, he had publicized three collections of brief stories, 12 novels, five non-fiction works, and many uncollected stories in newspapers and magazines. Not to mention his prosperous whole-time theatre-control career. 

To honor the prolific writer, people hold Dublin’s Bram Stoker Festival in October yearly. 

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