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How St Patrick’s Day Became An Irish National Holiday

Not only outsiders, but maybe also the locals wonder who is Patrick and how St Patrick’s Day became an Irish national holiday. If you know why read our post to check whether we are on the same page. If you are not, then, keep reading.

The Story Of Saint Patrick’s Life


People say that Saint Patrick lived in the late 4th century.  The better part of his life was mysterious, which is kind of understandable.

They also believed that his original name was Maewyn Succat and that he grew up in a religious household in Roman Britain. Regardless of his upbringing, the young lad who meant to become Saint Patrick is told not to have had a decisive belief of his own. In his own handwriting, the saint expressed that at the age of 16, pirates from Ireland kidnapped him and made him a slave. It was the event that he found God.

Return To The Homeland – St Patrick’s Day

During about 6 years of being kidnapped, Saint Patrick worked as a sheepman on the Sliabh Mis mountain in County Antrim. He discovered his trust in God here. 

According to the myth, Saint Patrick ran away from Ireland when he was 22 and finally found the way back to his family. Then, he started to study Christianity and soon became a cleric. He decided to take the name, Patrick.

The Missionary Journey


After getting a visually inspiring him to go back to Ireland and preach the word of God, Patrick determined to accomplish just that. 

His first intended landing place is just at Three Mile Water, Brittas Bay, in Leinster. But in fact, he went all over the nation. Patrick was the pioneer that spread Christianity to Ireland. Initially, the locals here mainly honored Celtic gods.

In his written Confession, Saint Patrick notes that he carried on to baptize thousands of people and evolved into Armagh’s bishop. Saint Patrick and his followers built numerous of the earliest churches in Ireland. For example, the one at Saul, County Down, which has been known as the foremost Christian church in Ireland.

The Myths And Legends – St Patrick’s Day


It is said that Saint Patrick died on the 17th of March, 461. 

Long after Saint Patrick’s passing away, diverse legends started to arise about him and his works. For instance, the tale of his having expelled snakes from Ireland. In fact, at the outset, there were no snakes on this island. 

On the other hand, others believe that the myth implied his expelling paganism from Ireland and substituting it with Christianity.

Ireland’s National Celebration


Saint Patrick is one of the main patron Saints of Ireland due to his remarkable role in clearing the path for Christianity in the nation.

People all around the world honor his feast day yearly, especially in Ireland or places the Irish have settled, Boston, the US, for example. However, the best celebrations perhaps are in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. They hold many events to mark this day. For example, dancing, traditional music shows, parades, pub visits, etc.

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