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Australian Christmas Tree – How Much Did You Know?

When it comes to the Australian native Christmas tree, it must be the Moodjar tree. Read our post to know more about this special plant species.

Australian Christmas Tree

The West Australian Christmas tree has another common name, a moodjar. And its scientific name is Nuytsia floribunda.

It’s a semi-parasitic plant as it conjoins itself to other living plants’ roots and utilizes them to acquire nutrition. A moodjar tree can heighten to 10 meters or more. 

During the Christmas season, it produces yellow-orange flowers. As a result, it’s called the Australian native Christmas tree.


The ideal habitat for a moodjar tree to grow is in the southwest of West Australia with light and sandy soils. From Kalbarri National Park on the northwest shore to Cape Le Grande on the southeast coast is the only zone where you can have a glimpse of moodjar trees.

The stem of an Australian Christmas tree is thick with upright branches and a lush crown of olive-green leaves. Its flowers appear in big, luxuriant branching and are honey-scented. 

Other Australian Native Christmas Trees You Might Not Know

Besides moodjar tree, there are also other native Australian Christmas trees. Let’s see what they are and discover their special features!



Aussies called the geebung the “Australian Christmas tree” because of its yellow flowers and pine-tree-like leaves. Especially, this plant’s blooming season is around Christmas time each year, which adds more colors to the festive atmosphere.

A Geebung can rise up to 4m high. However, remember to prune it regularly so it will stay at your wanted Christmas tree size for years. Its fleshy fruits are eatable once they become a deep reddish purple in the cold season.

Woolly Bush – Australian Christmas Tree


This kind of plant is rather familiar to those who live on the south shore of Western Australia. 

The grey-green color of the woolly bush makes it look like it’s always covered by snow. Since it grows into just a 1m to 5m-tall shrub, it’s perfect to be your indoor feature plant.

South Esk Pine


South Esk Pine is a miniature evergreen tree with bluish-green foliage and dense branches. You can only see this kind of plant in several zones of Tasmania.

These trees are a perfect option to use as an Australian Christmas tree. It’s because having them in your home will help save the longevity of the species for forthcoming generations.

Wollemi Pine – Australian Christmas Tree


FYI, Wollemi pine is one of the rarest and most antique plant species on Earth. Fossil evidence showed that the pine tree existed between at least 200 and 100 million years ago. After discovering that there were some trees left in a temperate rainforest area in the northwest of Sydney, the Australian government decided to name the region Wollemi National Park.

With their conical shape and bowing branches, the Wollemi pines are excellent as Christmas ornaments.

Norfolk Island Pine


This Norfolk Island pine plant is perhaps the most identical to the classic Christmas tree in appearance, with its conical shape and evenly spaced stems. 

A fully grown tree can rise up to 35m. But don’t worry, it certainly takes many years for it to achieve that height.

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