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Why is Lisse the Most Famous Dutch Village for Tulip Enthusiasts?

Lisse is one of the most well-known flower villages in the Netherlands, particularly for its many colorful tulip fields in spring and the Flower Park Keukenhof. There are many activities and events in and near Lisse during the Dutch Tulip Festival that revolve around the flowering tulips. But there’s much to do in this floral village, even when the tulips aren’t blooming.

What can you anticipate in Lisse?

Lisse Tulip Field 2022
Lisse Tulip Field

Lisse is a floral village with a population of about 23,000 people. It is famous for its stunning tulip fields in the spring and its dahlia exhibition gardens in the summer. Lisse is also home to the world-famous Keukenhof flower park.

What is the best time of year to visit Lisse?

Lisse is open all year, but many visitors come during the tulip season to view the blooming tulip fields and other spring blooms. Every spring, from the end of March until the beginning of May, the spring flowers bloom.

Best activities in Lisse, Netherlands

Visit Europe’s most beautiful garden, Keukenhof.


The Keukenhof Gardens, sometimes known as the “Garden of Europe,” are the world’s largest flower gardens. They are famed for the blossoming of approximately 7 million blooms, including over 800 types of tulips, each year during the Tulip Festival.

Keukenhof Garden is located in Lisse, within the Bollenstreek district, and is close to tourist destinations such as Amsterdam and Haarlem. This makes it an excellent day trip, and it draws over a million visitors each year.

The Flower Bulb Region


The Flower Bulb Region is a unique environment tucked between the bustling towns of Randstad. It has large fields full of bright flowers. Explore the countryside by bicycle, wander through the fields, photograph the most stunning flowers, and find a table on a terrace in one of the charming villages.

The Bollenstreek, or flower-bulb region, is the most well-known (but not the only) place to see the world-famous Dutch flowers in person. Every spring, the tulip fields provide breathtaking scenery. Driving through the flower-bulb region, you will frequently pass flower vendors selling bulbs and fresh flowers.

Keukenhof Castle


Keukenhof Castle is a well-known country home from the Dutch Golden Age. Adriaen Maertensz Block, an administrator for the Dutch East India Company, erected it in 1641. (VOC). This opulent house, located near Lisse in the province of Zuid-Holland, is also home to the famous Keukenhof Gardens. However, Keukenhof Castle is an attraction in and of itself: the house and its Golden Age artifacts are open to guided tour groups, the gardens and parks are open all year, and the estate offers a variety of special events.

The LAM Museum


The LAM is the Netherlands’ contemporary (food)art museum. It’s completely new and jam-packed with worldwide gems. Above all, the LAM is a unique, personal museum that encourages people to see things in new ways. It is appropriate for persons of all (and we mean ALL!) ages. Because of our extremely personalized approach, you will always have a one-of-a-kind painting experience. The LAM in bite-sized chunks of information – A place for personal growth – 45 minutes of fresh art experience (although most visitors stay longer) – The Netherlands’ food art museum – Internationally recognized collection – For all ages, including children! –

How am I going to get to Lisse?

Lisse is located in the heart of the Netherlands, close to several historical cities. The flower town is easily accessible by automobile from the cities of Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, The Hague, Delft, and Rotterdam. You can also drive to Lisse using public transportation. During the tulip season, which lasts from the end of March to the beginning of May, special shuttle buses run from various terminals in major cities.

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